there is another blizzard today.
mcqueen is being buried today.
had to go to work today.
realized i'll probably need snow boots, after all, today.
got paid/paid all my bills today.
will be going to search for green docs today.
my sis sent me ultrasound shots today.
am semi-bummed today.

will not be doing a lick of f-cking work today. i think i've come to a breaking point with my job. rock and two hard places, lol. all the motivation/positivity i had injected into it is officially gone. i wouldn't mind so much that i had to trek through a foot of snow to get to work, if i actually gave a damn. but i don't. at all. woke up this morning actually upset that i was employed. i mean praise jeebus i've still got dough to pay my bills, but...shit, man, it's taking a toll on my mental well-being. what does one do in a shit economy where even entry-level waitresses aren't being hired, you need a master's degree to be a receptionist, and you've no real marketable (read: résumé-able) skills?
i mean, besides sell drugs.

imgs via wildfox, tumblr

listening to this. and this.

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Blogger E said...

Uggh, tired of work, too. Lovin' the Wildfox, though.

26/2/10 22:01  
Blogger Jonesy said...

Nice blog : )

I am a new follower! Check out mine too when you get a chance.


27/2/10 11:30  
Anonymous Melody said...

Ugh honey I totally understand
I hate my job
I often wonder, why do I do this to myself
Everyday I'm there I'm depressed
But it pays the bills. It buys the shoes.

28/2/10 14:37  
Blogger his hers said...

Love the 70% song lyrics post. I would get like that about work too but I came across a book that really helped me see work in a different perspective. Its by Monique Greenwood, Having What Matters. She really got me to go to work with a different perspective.

1/3/10 01:49  

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