so the other night, i was watching a horrid movie with friends. ever seen those films where people die in slow motion, whispering their last words with great drama and suspense? yeah, so we decided to re-enact this ourselves (so it was a REALLY bad movie), lol. these were the best ones:

'the money....it's....under the......'

'don't trust....'

'watch out for....'

'look under the chair....'

yeah, freakin random. but think about it, you KNOW if someone whispered any of these things while on their deathbed, your IMMEDIATE thought would be...wtf?? WHICH CHAIR? HOW MUCH MONEY?? OH MY GOD, WAKE UP AND EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!

on another note, i was very naughty and flaked on school yesterday, wallowed in sangria and then soaked it up with thai. then i went home and did a powerpoint that's due today and evidently, all my answers are wrong...oops. all in all, a good start to the week.

blazer: firma
leather: bagatelle
pants: maison martin margiela, dunno which line
shoes: boemos
backpack: sol
plethora of rings, necklace: vintage

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Blogger Dirty Hair Halo said...

absurdly awesome shoes.

9/3/10 10:57  
Blogger koko said...

Couldn't karma you on tFS, lol. Nice outfit - I love the color leather bag you chose.

9/3/10 12:25  
Anonymous Fashion Du Jour said...


9/3/10 13:33  
Anonymous Melody said...


9/3/10 14:24  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

My favorite outfit on you so far- so well thought out from the shoes to the jewelry. Fucking awesome!

ps- It couldn't be that bad of a horror movie unless someone said "I'll be right back..."

9/3/10 20:12  
Blogger Christen said...

I think flaking on school is important sometimes. I used to give myself "me" days. And this look is awesome. Love the layering!

9/3/10 21:58  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Girl, you better stop ditching! =P

9/3/10 23:42  
Blogger xs said...

cute shoes! they caught my eye first glance at your pics.

10/3/10 01:55  
Blogger Vintage Obsession said...

love it :) the color is so fab!!

11/3/10 01:28  
Blogger simplychic said...

the blazer OVER the jacket (or vest...can't tell) is so cool!

11/3/10 19:32  

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