feeling dark

  • just tried out chat roulette; way too many penises
  • watching grandma's boy
  • just took my second exam of the week (*throws self into traffic*). bummed.
  • got netflix through my ps3
  • might be in love with drake again
  • hair has been growing for the past 3 days; out, not down
  • was told that i look like crap/interesting/nice today...yeah
  • i miss mad men
  • doing the apartment hunt again
  • will be spending this weekend studying...again
  • got my ID so the bitch from Lehman can't turn me away again
  • had pizza and wine for dinner; better than just wine for dinner...like last night
coat: joseph
tank: norma kamali
dress: mm6
socks: gap
boots: frye

imgs via tumblr

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Blogger simplychic said...

i adore the sweater dress!

5/3/10 21:42  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Umm, you look fantastic. And you hair looks fucking fantastic.

And don't worry about that test. You'll kick its ass next time!

7/3/10 20:19  

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