i am john's complete lack of surprise

leather: random find at burlington coat factory in LANCASTER, PA, lol. amish-town has cool stuff.
shirt: dkny
pants: rock and republic
boots: frye
arm warmers: miss sixty
giant hair: braid out gone wrong.

so after a glorious week, it is now pouring outside. there is traffic. madness in the streets. on the good side, i was uber late and still mde it before any of my bosses. score one for me.
this was my sort of hastily thrown together outfit. couldn't find an sd card to take pictures; exhausted; cut school again yesterday because i have a resident mathematician to teach me the homework; feeling SUPER guilty about it; saw alice in wonderland in 3D (yeah, 3D glasses OVER my glasses...stupid); will be seeing it again tuesday via private screening; will be holed up in some dingy college library for the next 3 days or so to repent for my academic sins; just figured out how to use endnote for work despite the foul-ups caused by senior ignorami; also spent $40 on hair products yesterday.

oh, and this jacket matches my job's letterhead...hence not wearing it till now. icky. lol, that's quite petty, i suppose.

agreed to lend my friend $200 to help her out of a bind. except i don't really have it, lol. i mean, i have it, but i don't really wanna just give it away, and i think that's what happens when you loan friends money. kiss it goodbye.

anyway, glad it's friday and hoping it'll be crappy out tomorrow so i can a) sleep in (til 8am!!!!) and b) not want to go play in the sunshine.

weekend plans?

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Anonymous Melody said...

Love the jeans and the orange. Hair is looking fly =]

12/3/10 15:12  
OpenID flawlessmistake said...

The leather jacket is such a find! I've been looking for some bright colored leather shorts to rock this summer.

12/3/10 16:10  
Anonymous manecoarse said...

Your hair is gorgeous. The jacket is "all that and then some."

12/3/10 16:19  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Oh yeah...don't expect that back. Just don't.

13/3/10 00:58  
Blogger E said...

That jacket is fantastic!

15/3/10 12:34  
OpenID theowlsarenotwhattheyseem said...

i love all the warm tones in this outfit! the jacket is amazing, and i love how the backpack and boots coordinate so nicely with it. ~joelle

15/3/10 12:47  
Blogger simplychic said...

great find on the leather jacket!

16/3/10 10:51  

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