tip tip tip...

trench: zara
knit jacket: iisli
shirt: calvin klein
trousers: rick owens
shoes: repetto

very cloudy today. i kind of like it. made sure to wear the trench WITH a scarf today as yesterday i was freezing my neck off, lol.

i will not be ditching anymore, promise. thx for all the concern! but i NEEDED that day. i think it was all the stress/fatigue making me feel so out of sorts, but it was kind of nice. honestly, though, i feel such guilt now that i've done it! it's the geek in me.

anyway, i wanted to share this.
demolition of yankee stadium: img via  NYTimes

it's the end of an era.  funny how i've never been there and this image makes me feel so strangely nostalgic.



Blogger welcometoviolence said...

That bag is so awesome and those shoes are like perfect. they can go with anything.

11/3/10 19:08  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

That image made me cry a little...

WHY does this country tear down it's history? It bothers the hell out of me!

12/3/10 00:42  
Blogger CCWai said...

I pretty like your jacket. It looks nice on you.

12/3/10 08:25  
OpenID flawlessmistake said...

Those white oxfords have me wanting some. Even though I'm terrible at wearing anything white cause I'm such a clumsy *did I spell that right?* person.

12/3/10 16:13  
Anonymous ZoĆ« said...

So sharp, truly.

Saw you on weardrobe and I had to see more!

25/3/10 13:41  

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