the modern

for dinner at the modern i decided to go very traditional with this betsey johnson dress. i got it a few years ago for about $45. since then, i've worn it to nearly every formal event i've been to. it's the perfect shape and the texture is amazing. fits like a dream.

dress: betsey johnson
pumps: nicole miller
blazer: firma

thought this was kind of fun:

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Anonymous Carole said...

You look so elegant. THIS is such a perfect look. I love having a go-to piece that works as well as your Betsey dress does for you -- makes getting dressed so much easier. :)


21/3/10 20:56  
Blogger Emmy said...

You look great! Love the blazer paired with the feminine dress!

22/3/10 11:02  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

This is such a pretty, feminine look for you. It shows off your shape perfectly! New layout is very cool, btw!

22/3/10 20:21  
Blogger koko said...

Love it! My prom dress was Betsey Johnson (from an outlet store - I was a lot more frugal those days!) I wore it last winter to a wedding (surprised it still fit!)

BTW, is there a large RO selection at Century21 right now? Trying to decide whether to wait til I visit the parents in April or splurge on eBay right now...

23/3/10 12:19  
Blogger InnyVinny said...


24/3/10 21:44  

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