realized it was spring...

...and did a wee dance...

woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. this is after spending all afternoon in bars and such and staying out till midnight on a work night AND going to bed too late b/c my body won't shut off when it ought to. yay insomnia. so i got up and did some homework, and yoga, and dishes, and made an overcooked (read: BURNT) popeye for breakfast. class till 8pm? sure thing. not a problem.

apparently, i suck at keeping these kinds of secrets. that's a good thing, i think, in most cases. means i'm a bad liar, and that's DEFINITELY a good thing in all cases. so the boy knows all about his birthday surprise and i'm a bit miffed, but supposedly he doesn't know about EVERYTHING. :-/ lame.
but it's spring and i don't HAVE to wear a jacket/coat/parka/coat/gloves/hat/scarf/bonnet/snood to go outside!!!! woot!

jacket: maison martin margiela
shirt: rvca
jeans: miss sixty
shoes: schmoove
watch and various jewelry: thrifted/gifted

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Blogger Melody said...

Lol at woot! Like the outfit. Have you tried training your body? I have recently returned to old habits, but a for the last few months I had been going to bed at a decent time; 11pm, making sure I get my 7.5 hours of sleep (I get up at 6:25am most mornings) and it really helped me. I didn't feel sluggish or tired till around 10pm. Had energy to do all that needed doing during the day. It was damn near impossible at first, but my body gradually got used to it. Maybe you could try it..

18/3/10 14:16  
Anonymous manecoarse said...

You look so comfy and cute. Your hair is beautiful.

18/3/10 15:22  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Jesus be a comfy mattress. Get some sleep!!!

18/3/10 23:03  
Blogger Michelle Yue said...

woo digging the new layout of your site!!! <3

19/3/10 11:24  

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