Things I Have Done from NeverWood High on Vimeo.

i miss old hollywood. 
it was a time of true leading ladies and the perfection of a much-adored craft.
and knitting, trousers, and brogues. and curly hair, and whiskey, i'm told.
hell yeah. THAT'S a woman.

i also love:


  cate blanchett
i find her so alluring


lots floating about in my head. will share soon. bon weekend!

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dress: h&m
shoes: miu miu
bag: dkny

yet another drunken-brunch-lunch-dinner-after dinner drinks session.  wound up with my bra in my friend's purse (i need that back, baby girl...), and a paper plate in mine...not sure why just yet.

this is just a big shirt i got from h&m. $10 well spent. i actually bought it for $17 b/c the hood h&m cashier was a bit frazzled by the MASSIVE crowd. so despite the huge red sticker, she charged me the higher price. yep, i went back and got my $7.95 back.

wealthier people reclaim smaller sums so i tried not to feel uncomfortable about it.

i DID, however, suffer quite a few strange looks (pre-bra removal) from persons on the street. i'm still not quite sure why. i think it's because it's really just a huge sack and it sort of clings and sways in strange ways. i don't see it as very provocative, but perhaps i missed something?  thoughts?

i'm happy you all liked my last post! i really, REALLY dig good packaging. sort of speaks to the quality of the item, no?

off to round 2 of interviews tomorrow. now i have too many jobs and will likely have to whittle but i'm also not sure of that. for tonight, i just need to get some rest. couldn't sleep yesterday and only slept 4 hours from the night before. wound up trying to hypnotize myself on my sofa at 6am. restless nights are awful.

how was monday? smooth transition from the weekend, i hope.

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take it off, baby

i wanted to share something intimate with you.

i love getting packages.  

don't you?

i'm quite the sucker for packaging. lovely packaging. it's what i love most about so-called 'luxury items'. it's the effort that is put into every little detail. even the packaging.

even the simplest of packaging...

...when you open it, it gives a slight thrill, just knowing that someone took such pains to ensure the quality and safety of your item.

can you see the craftmanship? lol...can you see my reflection?

i love that bolt. or is it a nut...?

look how lovingly it's wrapped.

this shot was tough. pardon the poor editing.

and this, folks, is....my new baby.

we've only just met.

but already i'm smitten.

we have waited so long to be together.

i'm completely...



...in love.

i think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  do, give is your blessing.

you'll excuse the photo heavy post. i'm a bit delirious right now...only got about 2 hours of sleep. strange how the opportunity to sleep is there, nothing but time...but the urge flies almost as soon as the opportunity emerges.

this is how i'm spending my morning....

new york, i love you.  i really do.  and i love this movie as well.  must be a new york thing...wholly self-absorbed in the city.  makes me feel almost nostalgic for things i have not experienced.  does that make sense?  new york reminds me of a battered shoe: well-loved, well-traveled, well-worn, and beautiful, unique and exquisite in its various imperfections. 

oh shiz...i'm waxing poetic today.  this song makes me want to buy a bunch of kiki de montparnasse and dance around with a cigar. and maybe a top hat. no?

how has the week been treating you?

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loose bits

over the heat....i'm ready for fall.

what i anticipate my daily 'look' will be. once i get that damn bag.
basics, FTW.

birth of a jedi...

from gizmodo

in a funk today. as i was yesterday. and most of the weekend.
well, aside from this:

i want these. bad.

me, later, after a drink, and some ice cream
well, maybe just me if i don't get ice cream.

i need to get sized for a bra. this is becoming a problem. my boobs fit nowhere. another purchase for the fall. along with a passport renewal application and good socks. i love thick, cushy socks.

these made me happy:

via tumblr


back with a proper update soon.  nyc is kicking my butt this summer.

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sweltering test shots

the boy toying with the lighting. it was too hot to do much last night, but i begged him for photos. i feel like this looked cooler in daylight.

sheer shirt: from my mommy
tank: ???
pants: walter
shoes: elie tahari
bag: etro

necklace: vintage

we went out on a date last night. the punk refused to tell me where we were going so i went into shit-shock trying to find an outfit to wear. trashed my closet. settled on this because it looks...grown up, i suppose? and a little generic. almost stepfordish. 

aquavit was divine, however, and well worth the wait, and the subsequent stroll around the west side and onto the frying pan was wonderful. it was simply too hot to do much else. so i whined until we went home.

i styled my hair without detangling it and ironed my pants and even wore makeup. while applying it and waiting for the boy to pick me up, it made me realize i'm terribly fearful of doing close ups here because of my skin. i took some photos yesterday as it was a friend's last day of work\. everyone was beaming and tipsy and all the shots of me were very uncomfortable for me to look at. needless to say, they will not be going up on facebook! i think it's the heat, so i'll be working on my skin AND my body this summer. woot! bikram is gonna sort me out...i'm freaking terrified.

anything great happen this weekend?

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