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Blogger Julia said...

Dude! I'm in Richmond from the 14th of May to around the 17th-18th, maybe later if I can swing it. When will you be there?! I would LOVE to show you around!

16/4/11 00:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

♥ So nice post.) Love your blog.) ♥

21/4/11 14:23  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

Ugh, don't even talk to me about spring shoes! The only reason I went for the Burberrys is because they were $86 and would tide me over until sale season. The sandals I want are plain Lanvins - $795! Ridiculous. I might pay that much for boots but never simple sandals.

I really like Chloe's spring shoe collection this year, but other than that I haven't really seen much. It's all about boots for me anyway, I think I'll survive the season with the shoes I already have. Then I can save up for fall!

I fully expect a polyvore set when you start your shoe "window" shopping though.

3/5/11 15:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got the high ones in black. I love them and they get more comfortable as you wear them because the leather is stiff. The other color I considered was the natural one because I think it'll be beautiful once it's starts changing color with use. At the end I got the black ones because they were available at asos at the moment and since they are not sold in a lot of places, I decided to get them right away.
Let me know if you have any more questions!
p.s. Know that I think about it, I think red would be super cute too!

2/6/11 19:39  

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