this, to me, is great style. it is not a haphazard toss together of items but a grouping carefully selected from a well-curated collection. the fit and texture and drape of every item is perfect, and yet she wears it with such a carefree ease. another iteration of the wearer owning the clothes, not the clothes wearing the owner.
man, who else wants a fur skirt?

*raises hand*

yeah...second post in like 12 hours...inSOMnia, folks.

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Blogger Sing said...

I agree totally. On the wrong person, this could be a disaster. Her whole demeanor is very carefree, like she is wearing a track suit and not a fab skirt and shoes.

5/1/11 10:18  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

um, yep. I love it. I love that it looks so casual and simple but every piece fits perfectly. And anyone who can pull of a fur bubble skirt is impressive to me!

5/1/11 11:11  
Blogger Pennerad said...

maaaaan, i almost bought some fur shorts. but then someone told me i was suffering a bit of a 'lapse' so i had to walk away. and now i kinda think it may have been hot...with a denim shirt? and boots? dah well...
that shit IS crazy tho...fur shorts?

5/1/11 20:06  
Blogger urbanrhetoric said...

i NEED this skirt. yespleaseandthankyou


7/1/11 16:19  

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