sweater: japanese brand, men's
jeans: j brand
boots: frye vintage harness

soooo...for now, this is probably how the outfit posts are going to go. i think it's a nice compromise until i figure out how to do the scheduling for photos. now that i've moved, it's a little bit harder to coordinate morning photos. the apartment is coming together nicely. may be nice as i get to keep my mug off this blog that much more.
before we even moved in i had already decided how it would all be arranged. now i'm just looking for affordable shelves so that i can line the walls like so:

these floating shelves are pretty pricey at around $40 a pop. if i'm using more than 10 of them, i can see it getting rather pricey. i think i'm gonna head to the lumberyard nearby. may be easier to find some stuff that's better suited to the space there. 
aaaanyhow, hope you're all enjoying the winter wonderland. apparently, everywhere has seen snow now (except maybe the south). we had flurries today. wtf? and christmas is right round the corner. it crept up on me. i'm broke and stressed out and looking forward to maybe a week of peace because i'll likely be taking courses in the winter. 
will continue to update as best i can in the meantime. thanks for reading, all. :)

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Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I've heard good things about fryes quality wise. Nice sweater too. Sweaters have been looking so cool this season, almost makes me wish my climate was more accommodating to pull overs. Day light savings really does throw off outfit posts doesn't it? I'm thinking of doing mine like that too. Good idea about checking out the lumber yard, also their selection may have slight irregularities that could add "charm." If that makes any sense...

6/12/10 22:44  
Blogger simplychic said...

moving is always exciting (and stressful). i think these outfit pictures are a good compromise for the time being ;) i like the fryes

7/12/10 02:33  
Blogger Sing said...

Those Frye's rock! Love the outfit you put together here.
I love open shelves, Ikea has them too in all lengths.

7/12/10 10:28  
Blogger missDTM said...

this is a creative compromise...but it would definitely be better to see YOU in the clothes!

doesn't ikea have a shelving system that's cheaper than $40 for your apartment? i love/hate moving--trying to figure out the best way to organize furniture/clothes/clutter (LOL) and then unpacking. grr. good luck! and answer my email...! lol.

7/12/10 12:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's an pictorial in the current issue of the gentlewoman that shows the clothes stacked on top of each other rather than on a model, and your top pic totally made me think of that. plus love the boots. moving (and getting settled once moved) is, in my mind, the giantest pain ever, EVER. so will wait patiently for your smiling face to return with the outfits.


7/12/10 16:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your idea for the space in your apartment, and as always, impeccable taste! i love your clothes
D... don't be so stressed out. i love you ^ ^ i wish to see you soon.. i miss you very much.

8/12/10 15:10  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

those fryes look so pretty! i love the color of the leather, and they look even better next to that soft brown sweater. ~joelle

9/12/10 13:48  
Blogger DEAD FLEURETTE said...

agree with missDTM, ikea def has similar shelving system. and the sweater looks cozy and warm. i love the color of it!

9/12/10 18:43  
Blogger InnyVinny said...


9/12/10 23:26  

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