humidity is a mofo

certainly not glamorous but it is definitely a comfortable alternative for the craptastic weather. my umbrella flipped 2x and i nearly lost my glasses it was so windy. but check out my new shiz (OMG WATCH).
anyhoo, got lucky and bought these yohji yamamoto boots from wartime recess. i adore them. and her for giving me a crack at them. thanks again!
going back to the discussion of fitting into your clothes. i think that i could certainly make a uniform out of this look. i love the sweater/collar combination. just need to find 2 or 3 alternatives for those days when this may get boring.
 sorry for the (exceptionally) poor quality. i know my images are never very sharp or photographically genius, but i have no photographer and nowhere to take pictures what with the dozens of boxes and things strewn all over. still trying to find a place for it all.

i thought these were pretty funny.  i wish i had a before picture. my hair was smooth and stretched this morning when i left the house. then i forgot my hat and the umbrella went to heck in a handbasket and this was the result:
 this was the only alternative:
not sure if you can see it, but you may be able to see the tight curls at the base of the puff. now compare that with the situation sticking out at the top. this is the stuff i have to deal with everyday, man. my hair is schizophrenic. and the humidity is NOT HELPING.

i may be a little off again until the christmas holiday really rolls around. finals are fantastically important at this point so i'm going to try to spend as much time as i possibly can working on getting my shit together and giving it the 'old college try'. yeah. someone really said that. i know it was good advice but...really? college try? that's like a nice way of saying 'stop failing, loser; get your shit together!'.

k. will keep posting if you keep reading. helloooooo december...

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Blogger Marie said...

Big hair...I love it:) Yours looks so pretty.

1/12/10 22:44  
Blogger Sing said...

I think your hair is great, the bigger the better IMO. Variety, the spice of hair liife.

1/12/10 22:57  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I think this ensemble definitely works.

-ps. that song... ...

1/12/10 23:39  
Blogger Brasilian_Babe said...

Your hair looks fantastic!

2/12/10 05:38  
Blogger Melody said...

I MISSED YOUUUUUUUUU! Oh God, I have been SO bloody busy with school :( but YAY to the snow! Have not had school for the whole week! Time to catch up with everything INCLUDING school. Ugh. How are youu? Lol, I lost my glasses too earlier today as I braved this wretched weather to get some food. It was highly embarrassing, no glasses to see, snow in my eyes, wind, ugh. Anywayyy... Can I have your hair?! And the coat?!

2/12/10 07:27  
Blogger Aïssa said...

I love your hair! It's fantastic!! Mine are shorter now but my goal is to achieve your lenghth.

Good luck with those finals! Or like we say in France: Merde!

2/12/10 17:05  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I f'ing love your hair. Looks fantastic.

And believe it or not, I'm working with 4 textures, so I know exactly what you mean.

Dig the outfit. Love the shirt and sweater mix. And Yojhi boots?!>!

9/12/10 23:25  

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