all the same

jacket: hilary radley
sweater: the boy's castoff
shorts: dkny
tights: target
shoes: boemos

so this is the first photos of the new digs.  sorry the photos are pretty much identical; i was trying to show the jacket's detail, but i'm not sure if it'll come across. anyhow, the jacket and my shorts are the same color and fabric. awesomesauce. :) let's hope the warmth holds out til after the sun goes down as i have to be outside late and didn't really plan for that. oops. but, again, this was geared toward comfort. commentary/critique is appreciated always!
i'm still unpacking, and think i may leave the books in the pile on the floor as a 'display area' since it'll make me look well-read and smart and whatnot. will take additional photos of the apartment when i figure out what to do with all my clothes. we went from three closets to one large one and clearly the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. it seems that our closets were much larger than we had thought...soooooo, shelving will be necessary!
going to research apartment therapy; i'm thinking i may find some unique storage ideas there. what are your plans for the holiday? i will be WORKING. woot!

i hope you are having a great week, all. here's a little something to keep your sartorial engines pumping:
i think that, while not exactly traditionally chic, this is a great outfit. the coat is such a good shape and her jeans fit just so and those boots look like they are of impeccable quality. just look how the leather creases. mmm...

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Blogger missDTM said...

i love how you have your books all stacked on the floor like that. every time i come across apartment pics with books stacked, i always save them.

good luck decorating...talk about a headache! lol.

this sweater reminds me of a men's cardigan i picked up a few weeks ago at the thrift store. it's super duper warm. and btw--i love love love those shoes. really cute!

23/11/10 13:01  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

nice bookshelf :-)

the only thing i want from the Lanvin collection is either of the faux fur pieces; i'm sure those are long gone!

btw, blech, i hate starbucks coffee! this is La Colombe, excellent coffee and espresso drinks are all in the $2-$3 range. i think there's an outpost in NYC somewhere, though my fave in NY will always be Porto Rico.

24/11/10 09:33  
Blogger DEAD FLEURETTE said...

^haha, i second that. cool bookshelf!
lovely outfit, you've got yourself a great fisherman-ish sweater!!

25/11/10 15:02  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

1 - you look great
2 - i want hair. every time i see you, i want hair. lots and lots of hair. it isn't growing fast enough. what do i dooooooooooooooooooooo?????


27/11/10 14:20  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

heh, i love your pile of books on the floor! i would love to do that as my bookshelves are overflowing, but i bet the dogs would get into it. i really like your sweater here- its so nice and slouchy. ~joelle

29/11/10 12:31  
Blogger simplychic said...

this makes me want to whip out my shorts and tights!

random, but i like your white walls ;)

follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/simplychic08

30/11/10 03:18  

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