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sometimes less is not more. sometimes it's just better.

had a long talk with the photographer yesterday about the importance of talking. i hate talking. i'm not sure if that comes across here. i'm not a good talker. my ears turn red when answering questions in lecture. i get all hot when cops pull me over. used to be able to lie myself out of punishment as a kid. as an adult...i'm not sure what's happened. either way, there was much talking. it turned out to be a good thing. sort of a hard reset. i'm trying to work on eliminating self-deprecation from my life. 'i'm so (insert unflattering comment here)'. i never really thought i believed it, but it's something about reinforcing the little things in one's own psyche. eventually, they start to feel true. so...i'm going to try to go a full day without complaining. try it. it's not easy. i may not make it to lunch, but i'll see.
this is my apartment hunting outfit. swapped out a short sleeved tee for this longer one. still debating the wisdom of that choice. supposed to be hella hot today.  summertime in november. i'm down.

trench: zara
shirt: james perse
pants: les chiffoniers suede leggings
shoes: henry beguelin

i still don't have a halloween costume. maybe i'll be cousin it...

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Blogger Sing said...

That jacket and those leggings are dope. Love your hair!


28/10/10 12:02  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

Woohoo!! Looking great in those leggings! You will want to wear them every weekend, they're so comfy. Loving the hair too.

I've got a little self-deprecation in me too. Can't get rid of it fully, but I've gotten better about keeping it to myself and not being a downer.

28/10/10 12:48  
Blogger Julia said...

Hair is beauty. I'm not a good talker, either -- I fall all over my words and no one ever takes me seriously. I'm jealous it's hot there. Here is like, winter. Freaking freezing. Ugh. Your shoes are DANDY.

28/10/10 15:17  
Blogger Melody said...

Your hair gives me life.

Yeah, I'm not much of a talker neither. The older I get, the more I believe talking for the sake of it is a waste of words. Maybe this is just a way of convincing myself that my inability to talk to strangers is "normal" or whatever. I'm so quiet so I tend to always be on my own. It's actually a fear of talking, the words are always at the tip of my tongue but it's like my brain won't let them come out. Since I was a child really. But I don't know..

I love the jacket as you know. And I hate you for fitting into all your trousers the way you do. No fair.

28/10/10 16:58  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

Talking is part of my job, so in my time I don't talk very much. My co-workers don't believe me!! Since I'll officially be an old hag ;) next year, I tell myself I'm going to be more quiet and serious...

Cool jacket.

28/10/10 18:01  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I feel ya babe. I get hot ears too...often.

P.S. I LOVE this outfit. Jacket? ACES, man. ACES.

29/10/10 00:26  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

I can't believe it when I hear people complain about the beautiful, warm weather in the NE lately. It's a million times better than the freezing cold that's coming.

I need that jacket, by the way.

ps- doggy pics!

29/10/10 21:00  
Blogger Emmy said...

I want your pants soo bad! lol! I am really really shy socially awkward! And I also cannot lie for the life of me!!!

3/11/10 13:15  

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