shirt: american apparel
skirt: mmm
shoes: henry beguelin
bag: gap

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Blogger Julia said...

Godammit your shoes are perfect. You're always perfect. I love your base colors. Crap. You make me so jealous.

1/10/10 00:01  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

My hair better be that long in two years...that is all.

1/10/10 01:51  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

Yes, very good base color scheme. Love the asymmetrical seam in the skirt.

I think it might be cool enough this weekend to do some proper layering! ::happy dance::

1/10/10 10:34  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

i love the soft grey tones in this outfit! and that skirt looks like it would be so nice and comfy to wear. great shoes too. ~joelle

1/10/10 12:23  
Blogger Ginta said...

My favorite your pieces are usually MMM. What could that mean? :)
I agree palette is good! My preferred one actually :)

1/10/10 14:17  
Blogger Melody said...

What, no words from you today D? I was scrolling hoping to find something to read. I like/enjoy your writing. Anyhoo, next time aye..

The outfit; you can't do wrong sweetie.

2/10/10 15:15  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

You know what's hilarious? As I scrolled down, I thought "I love how this whole outfit looks high-quality and kind of pricey." Then I read that the shirt's from AA. LOL. It does look very chic, though!

7/10/10 10:11  

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