stopping to smell the flowers...literally

a recent jaunt to the bronx botanical gardens proved tiresome. i wasn't feeling it and i'm not really a plant enthusiast (i know there's a better word for this....sorry), but i was coerced.
some shots of the day:

this scary guy flew over my head with a chipmunk in his claws...and promptly dug in. i'm not big on flowers, but gimme a discovery channel cameo any day and i'm happy.

best part of the day was meeting my niece. she's a handful.

battle of wits...

...she won.

punk. till next we meet on the battlefield...
oh, yeah, meet my mom.

jacket: gap
shirt: sue (best, most expensive shirt ever. fits like a dream in the softest UNsheer cotton. need more.)
pants: walter
shoes: tahari
bag: dkny
scarf: gifted

in panic mode. first exams coming up. not enough time to study. having horrifying flashbacks of bad school days...pray for me. light a candle. cross your fingers/toes/legs/eyes/anything you can. send vibes. anything. i'll need it come thursday. off to anxiously bite my fingers and attempt to function on insufficient sleep.

talk soon, dear friends!

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Blogger Julia said...

Those pants are hella flattering! OMG, so classy, and your niece is adorable, too. And you mom. I try to like plants and having my own garden has helped but I too am not really a super plant enthusiast, a truth which I try to keep to myself for fear of looking not like a hippie to my hippie mother. But I digress. Anyway, lovely, as always. Good luck on the exams, you'll kick them in a**, I'm utterly convinced.

21/9/10 18:44  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

The pants are awesome on you. Good luck with exams!!

21/9/10 19:06  
Blogger Manecoarse said...

What a beautiful baby. Love those pants. Too cute.

21/9/10 19:24  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Gul, stop blogging and study!! Good luck.

22/9/10 00:09  
Blogger Melody said...

Oh my God what a beautiful baby. I can't wait to have one :) soooo cute.

I don't know how you wear the hell out of all your trousers like that. Damn... they look made for you and only you.

I like Mama's hair :) very much. Pretty.

And I agree with InnyVinny, START STUDYING! Disconnect the internet for a while..

22/9/10 10:24  
Blogger simplychic said...

your niece is beautiful and your pants are awesome! love the outfit.

o, and i see where you get all that great hair from now ;)

22/9/10 22:18  
Blogger somosamerica said...

Saw earlier in your blog you liked the Cydwoq Office Button Kitten heel shoe. If you're a size 39, I'm selling them on eBay here: http://tinyurl.com/37vwvou

23/9/10 04:00  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

You'll do fine. Just step away from your google reader! I love your white pants AFTER Labor Day. And your niece! What a cutie. I have to admit... babies scare me. They're so delicate. And loud. And the poop situation is no good at all.

24/9/10 12:11  
Blogger Fashionably Black said...

Love the outfit! And the baby is too cute!


24/9/10 17:56  

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