4 stitch

shirt: van heusen
skirt: chaiken
shoes: MMM
bag: dkny

reading this post by dead fleurette. kind of creepily obsessed with her mantra/dogma/intricate perspective on clothes.
the pencil skirt has never looked good on me. i took a risk on this one because i needed a basic work skirt. i think i should generally opt for a flared/skater/bias cut type item because of my hip width. i get that riding effect, which is annoying when walking a good deal. but i like it for its pockets. i will likely never wear this for professional purposes but as a simple staple, i think i may be able to make it work if i am not walking a lot. regardless, the pencil skirt is not for me.

i do have a question for you that may come off as insecure or simply vain, but i need a second pair of eyes which i do not have access to at the moment.
based on my photos posted thus far, is it your opinion that skinny jeans are not flattering on my figure? i like the close silhouette, but i think they make me appear quite pear-shaped. i would be willing to continue to wear them as i have a good selection and they are easy to throw on (plus boot cut is kind of not appealing to me as it requires heels, and straight legs also seem more flattering with a height component.
just wanted an opinion. this wardrobe honing is quite fun. :)

hope all of you are having a lovely holiday weekend. sleep is definitely more appealing now.

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Blogger urbanrhetoric said...

i love this look. i also like the half-tucked in shirt b/c i tend to like to hide my booty a bit.

as for the skinny jeans, i think it works for you. you tend to do really nice drapey layers, so that silhouette works for you.


6/9/10 12:09  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

Dude, "yes" on the skinny jeans. They look very good on you. :)

6/9/10 18:08  
Blogger DEAD FLEURETTE said...

hello! you look lovely in this pencil skirt!! i like the casual look of the fabric.. !!

7/9/10 05:51  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

i agree with the 1st comment about the 1/2 tucked shirt- i totally do that too, for the same reason! you look great in your pencil skirt, and i love the bright green bag. ~joelle

7/9/10 13:36  
Blogger Emmy said...

I also think you look great in this pencil skirt. And I do agree about the cut. I tried one at target and it was sooo narrow at the bottom! It look horrible! Banana Republic makes great pencil skirts and zara does too! Finally, I love your shoes!!!

7/9/10 13:53  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

I like this outfit a lot, makes me want to shop for brogues.

We must have been on the same fashion wavelength, I wore a button-down half tucked in yesterday. Outfit post forthcoming.

7/9/10 17:40  
Blogger A├»ssa said...

That's a cool outfit! I really like clean looks like this at the moment. An oxford shirt, straight skirt, flats and you're perfectly done!

Same as Koko, you make me want to get brogues.

9/9/10 18:46  
Blogger InnyVinny said...


Nice link you posted. Will be looking back at that many times in the future.

I don't really like pencil skirts either. A-line is better, yo.

9/9/10 23:48  
Anonymous Style Odyssey said...

i quite like this simple, timeless and classy outfit. the skirt is very flattering and versatile. this look on you is a winner!

11/9/10 10:39  
Blogger DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

oooh those shoes! thanks for the nice comment on the man :) he appreciated it.

17/9/10 12:20  

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