the hangover

first day of school. totally trashed from yesterday. :(
whole new take on naughty schoolgirl. lol.
yeah, that took a wrong turn.
now that i have bought schoolbooks and pens and highlighters and stuff, i feel ready for CLASSES. yaay, i promise to be fully sober on monday for school. **nodding**

sweater: f21
shirt: calvin klein
jeans: earnest sewn
shoes: henry beguelin
bag: dkny

also, now that i have worked for 59 hours since last thursday (more work tomorrow and next week, btw), i will have sufficient funds to:
a. invest in a netbook. this laptop is BANANAS-heavy
b. purchase a new iphone. the shsattered screen has now begun to come loose
c. buy some more oyin products. my hair is in dire need.
d. save.
e. oh, and fix my thigh high boots so they fit better. hoping they are kickass for fall. kick.ASS.

k, back to work. so GEEKED i am getting paid!

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Blogger Julia said...

Hangovers are death. I hate that. And I always manage to get totally wasted before someone's graduation or I have to fly on a plane for 9 hours. WTF, self?

Anyway, you look lovely. I can't wait to hear how your schooling goes. Something's special 'bout new pens and notebooks, eh?


26/8/10 19:23  
Blogger Brasilian_Babe said...

I love everything about your outfit, the way the jeans fit you like a glove, the shoes, the tee, the cardigan and how the bag colour just pops out! Love love love it!!!!!!!

27/8/10 06:32  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

Those jeans look so good on you. I need a new pair that doesn't have holes in it, for "casual Friday." But jean shopping is like a whole day affair, ugh.

Good luck with school! I need to start thinking about grad school... Don't really want to though, much rather spend the $$ on like a sportscar. Lol. (I won't, don't worry...)

27/8/10 08:54  
Blogger Melody said...

Ahh, those jeans fit you like nobody's business. Shoes are bloody awesome (I want some!) and your hair.. enough said. Sighh..

59 hours.. that's a lot. But that means more money so :) s'all grand!

Are you getting the iPhone 4? I want one, but I have never used an iPhone before and I'm scared it'll be a bit much for me; I am not good with tech.

27/8/10 15:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jeans do look really nice on you! And you're wearing flats! I'm jealous!
Good luck with school!

28/8/10 09:44  

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