i don't like this outfit anymore.

totally ashy. an' i hope you don't like it...lol.

sweater: h&m
shirt: scala
belt: ???
jeans: rag and bone
shoes: cnc, costume national

been living in this sweater for the past few weeks. it is the perfect cut and weight for crisp summer evenings and cold trains and chilly office spaces.  will definitely be needing another one.  i wonder if they still make it?

also been enjoying the last dregs of summer and racking up hours at work. so many hours. as in i got home at nearly 3 this morning and will be going back to work tonight at 6...i may actually need to get more sleep now.

dood....DOOOOOD, school starts on THURSDAY! *hangs self* but i'm actually kind of stoked to spend some time on self-amelioration. heh. will let you know how it turns out round about christmas time.  i think this could be really good for me.  a series of very difficult decisions and hard lessons have brought me here and i'm very happy that i went through them. just ready now for it to be 'me-time'.  me time is essential.  my good word of the day:  please give yourselves as much me time as YOU need. sometimes, we (ahem, i) forget to put others aside in order to give yourself some much needed *insert noun here*. so this is just a friendly reminder to occasionally say f*** the world and give yourself what you need.  happy monday. :)

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Blogger Julia said...

The shoes are perfect. The outfit is really nice, what are you talking about?! I wanna dress only in neutrals, like you. Seriously, I can't handle color lately. At all. I lvoe this look, and you really do look rockin' kickass in those pants. What are you going back to school for? Was it postbac so you can head to med school soon?


23/8/10 17:44  
Blogger InnyVinny said...


Glad all these purchases have worked out. The shoes are aces. ACES.

And I didn't know you guys were at the crisp summer nights section. I though everyone was melting?

Now that I've typed that, I'm not sure why I feel so slighted by this information.

24/8/10 01:16  

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