take it off, baby

i wanted to share something intimate with you.

i love getting packages.  

don't you?

i'm quite the sucker for packaging. lovely packaging. it's what i love most about so-called 'luxury items'. it's the effort that is put into every little detail. even the packaging.

even the simplest of packaging...

...when you open it, it gives a slight thrill, just knowing that someone took such pains to ensure the quality and safety of your item.

can you see the craftmanship? lol...can you see my reflection?

i love that bolt. or is it a nut...?

look how lovingly it's wrapped.

this shot was tough. pardon the poor editing.

and this, folks, is....my new baby.

we've only just met.

but already i'm smitten.

we have waited so long to be together.

i'm completely...



...in love.

i think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  do, give is your blessing.

you'll excuse the photo heavy post. i'm a bit delirious right now...only got about 2 hours of sleep. strange how the opportunity to sleep is there, nothing but time...but the urge flies almost as soon as the opportunity emerges.

this is how i'm spending my morning....

new york, i love you.  i really do.  and i love this movie as well.  must be a new york thing...wholly self-absorbed in the city.  makes me feel almost nostalgic for things i have not experienced.  does that make sense?  new york reminds me of a battered shoe: well-loved, well-traveled, well-worn, and beautiful, unique and exquisite in its various imperfections. 

oh shiz...i'm waxing poetic today.  this song makes me want to buy a bunch of kiki de montparnasse and dance around with a cigar. and maybe a top hat. no?

how has the week been treating you?

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Blogger Julia said...

I love this post -- your enthusiasm, the beauty of the items, and your obvious love of the aesthetics of the experience. So beautiful!


23/7/10 11:12  
Blogger Melody said...

Oh my Goodness!

I just jizzed in my pants!
Ok no I didn't.
But I'm SO jealous right now.

Look at the packaging for the first pair. I mean, it does NOT get any better. Last pair, I'm in love too.

I'm so jealous right now. So jealous.

23/7/10 14:58  
Blogger Melody said...

I just went onto Shopbop and bought some beautiful flats! 3 pairs! All on sale and all because of this post.

Lol, so just had to let you know that this sudden urge to buy beautiful shoes was because of you =P! Thanks D, thanks a lot. Thanks for having me starve for all of next week! Lol, jk! Was a long time coming anyway..

Exciting Timessss*

23/7/10 15:37  
Blogger Chic Therapy said...

they are all gorgeous....thats some great packaging...I love getting packages too

23/7/10 19:38  
Blogger Pennerad said...

Yeah, I get a little crazy about my shoes...have you seen my rack? It's 6 feet tall and full...this is before the boxes in this post.

LOL!!! 3 PAIRS?? That sounds terrible! And only next week? I can't eat for probably the next month. Or 2. You're welcooooome...

23/7/10 21:04  
Blogger simplychic said...

wait!!!! did that first pair of shoes really come in that packaging?????

great post btw! i love details too. i ordered a bag from lunaboston once and it came with a cute bar of soap. i was ecstatic!

24/7/10 00:38  
Blogger InnyVinny said...


It's a nut, btw. A nut attached to a bolt.

*SCREAMS again*

25/7/10 19:35  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

WOW so many lovely things in this post! it is total eye candy :) ~joelle

26/7/10 13:16  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

That's cool that one of the shoes came in such a nice leather bag. It's like a 2 for 1! The last pair looks especially interesting.

My favorite stories in NYC, I Love You, are well I adore Maggie Q so I love how she shuts that guy up, the "Manny" story, and the cute old couple at the end. Andy Garcia is great, another distinctive voice I like too, but unfortunately I feel like hayden is not a very good actor.

28/7/10 09:51  
Anonymous noel said...

love this bag!!

29/7/10 14:28  
Anonymous IGetaFever said...

Great post - I love all of the anticipation!

5/8/10 16:00  

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