do you think i'm sexy?

burberry, style.com, my many bags

why, yes. yes i do.

making my christmas list (ha!). had an interview today. watching love jones with the boy. he's never seen it; i love 'opening his eyes' to new experiences, lol. goes back to the post about the crap on the radio now. i mean, he really CHARMED that woman. poetry, boy...works EVERY time when properly executed, gents.
suffering a serious hankering for bacon. and leather leggings. 
and these (rather hideous) alexander wangs:

any will do, but i do favor the grey. just seems really functional and comfy/warm for the fall/winter.

i would also like a bigass cross body bag. i have found that shoulder bags are kind of fruity for my liking. backpacks are functional but people will mock you. a lot. even when you insist that backpacks are the epitome of 'parisian chic'. 
plus, it leaves you hands free! but not messenger bags. i am not a silicon valley geek.
yum. jerome dreyfus.

thanks for the genuine, thoughtful(!) comments on my little girl lost post. i'm thinking (thanks to innyvinny) more seriously about the content here. i've only posted outfits and some images of vacations and events, for fear of getting too 'personal' and alienating people. but it's nice to be able to interact and share. must be the anonymity of the computer screen.

in any event, i'm working on the next post already. more of me yammering on about myself. should be fun. :)
do any of you have dream items for the fall/winter? or are you just enjoying the baking pan that is summertime?

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Blogger Melody said...

You are so funny.

I love them Wangs woo can he ever do wrong?! I love the black & gold. Sheeet. The bag is the business. I love how you always seem to find these unique items.

Love Jones is my ol' time favourite. Nia was too gorgeous in that movie. Have been on a 90s tip the past couple of days. Without the boy allI have is the DVD player & TV to occupy me. Been watching all these crazy films. Man, nothing like the 90's. Don't make movies like that anymore.
I watched Booty Call yesterday. I forgot how funny it was and how hideous Jamie Foxx's feet are. Jheez. Hammertime indeed. I also watched Beloved (such a weird film I couldn't even focus, didn't even finish it), Love & Basketball (never gets old), Get on the Bus, FRIDAYYY smh! What else, oh I watched Crooklyn, had me crying! And Claudine, from the 80's. Love! And THE favourite, Jason's Lyric. If you haven't seen Jason's Lyrics you HAVE to! The boy would love it too I'm sure.

No items for the winter as of yet. I'm just stocking up on basics really. When the boy gets back and I'm feeling better, then maybe I'll start looking.

15/7/10 17:24  
Blogger xAZD said...

i certainly think those outfits are fabulous! i love burberry and how they do a spin on classics every time but always get that british vibe down pat. thanks for your lovely comment on our blog!


15/7/10 18:19  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

cross-body bags are the best, especially for urban environments. i never understood the clutch (except maybe for evening) - aren't people afraid thugs will just snatch them and run? and backpacks are a hassle in subways (especially when you are whacked by one, then whacked a 2nd time when the person turns around to apologize for whacking you the 1st time.) shoulder bags hurt your, um, shoulders after a while... cross-body is definitely the best option! (have you seen thedivinitus' RO bag? i die!!!)

15/7/10 21:18  
Blogger Pennerad said...

i absolutely LOVE claudine. i think one of my all time favorites is boomerang. eddie murphy getting tied up in knots by a woman is maybe the funniest thing i've ever seen.

the brits certainly seem to know what they're doing (just ask melody!).

this is the second reference to clutch-snatching that i've seen of yours, LOL. i thought it was just me being neurotic! definitely been a victim of the backpack bop. i once saw a girl on the train get her hair caught on a backpack zipper. it was a painful disembarking to say the least.
don't even get me started on that RO bag of hers. have you seen those ld tuttle shapers WITH the RO bag? oddly, i have one that length but it makes it so awkward to walk so i never carry it...

16/7/10 11:23  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I'm riding out the baking pan. Kinda mad I'm lacking in the light colored clothing and non-t-shirts departments.

I wanna see this wish list...

And I want that bag on mine.

16/7/10 22:23  

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