down by the riverside

a few snaps from my jaunt out to harlem. even got an adorable video of some little girls fleeing a toy car. 

dress: h&m
shoes: mine de rien
bag: etro--i adore the paisley print. would really like to own more of their stuff. especially these boots. it was love at first sight when i held those darling boots in my arms. i put them back very gently when the SA informed me warmly of the price. still, i love the non-stuck-upness of the store staff. i was in there for over an hour touching everything and talking to the associate about the brand (they gave all their staff a free pair of limited edition shoes!!!) i like friendly stores, like margiela's. perhaps it was simply because i was in vegas and folk there are perpetually drunk so they act super nice to thusly handicapped persons. clearly thinking too much into it. enjoy the weekend guys.

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Blogger Manecoarse said...

What a gorgeous dress that fits you perfectly!

27/6/10 22:17  
Blogger My Lack of Style said...

You look lovely!

30/6/10 05:42  
Blogger Melody said...

The little girls are adooooooorable! Too cute. Ahh to be young..

More smiley pictures! Yay! Good on you =]

That dress fits you like a glove. And those shoes...... ah the shoes.

1/7/10 19:12  

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