my days grow longer

cooking 5 meals. right now. all at once. feeling very productive. 
also ignoring the dozens of assignments i need to be tackling. probably the reason for all the 'productivity'.
it was too hot to wear real clothes.

vest: ???
shirt: ???
jeans: rich and skinny
shoes: repetto
bag: triple 5 soul

should i get this leather jumper? would be cool for fall...i think. or just odd.

help me decide!!!

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Blogger simplychic said...

you must get that jumper!

cute rich & skinny's!

24/6/10 01:09  
Blogger kristy elĂ©na said...

thanks for your lovely comments on my posts!! you have a lovely blog. =)

24/6/10 08:04  
Blogger My Republic of Fashion said...

Nice casual outfit. Love that leather jumper, you should get it!SarahD:)

24/6/10 13:52  
Blogger Julia said...

Love the green! For some reason I thought you didn't wear color. Anyway, I like it!

Sorry I've been incommunicado, I've been totally away from the Interwebz, BUT I'd love to pass your email to my husband so he can wax philosophical about med school. Do you dig? (Of course, I'll respond too, but my take on the process is much more of an I'm-along-for-the-ride, socio-outsider sort of thing).


25/6/10 00:17  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

How short is this jumper? I need skirt measurements before I can answer.

25/6/10 15:11  
Blogger dee said...

OMG YES ON THE JUMPER! Where is that beauty from?

28/6/10 13:27  
Blogger Fashion Du Jour said...

You're in my head. Love the look!


30/6/10 19:21  
Blogger Melody said...

I vote yes for the Jumper.

Lol at "real clothes." I find that funny.

Love the outfit & can we swap hair for a day? Just a day? Pleaseeee.

1/7/10 19:04  

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