inside out/puppy hair

excuse my bad lighting; i was in a rush.

ha. i flashed u.

post-flash, mid-giggle, not cute

2 dresses. it's like a slip over a (slutty) sundress instead of a slip under a (slutty) sheer dress. that word is filthy, by the way...sounds so dirty, no?  i wanted to ask, by the way, if anyone thought the blog name strange. it occurred to me after the fact that people may just think i can't spell.....

slutty dress: h&m
other dress: ???
shoes: audrey brooke

equally random: i notice my hair has a tendency to flop on one side and to stand upright on the other. i have no idea why....

currently pissed. my package was delivered to some alternate address. my $150 shoes.

continuing the dog theme. you betta gimme my shoes...person who has them...or else.

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Blogger dee said...

Ugh, delivery eff ups are the worst. I hope you get your package safe and sound!

17/6/10 11:16  
Blogger Morena said...

Can i just say that i can totally relate to the hair thing and the delivery stuff ups!!!!!!!!!

Hope you get your new shoes back.

18/6/10 09:13  
Blogger Melody said...

No way... Ugh that's one thing I HATE about buying things via internet. Hope you get them back.

Lmao at people thinking you can't spell. Nah, never caused any confusion for me, I like it.

Want you shoes. Lovely.

19/6/10 15:26  
Blogger Beth said...

I hope your shoes find their way back to you!

19/6/10 21:15  

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