in velvet shorts


thanks for all the suggestions! wound up whipping the bra off after publishing that last post (and was momentarily confused when i found it in my handbag this morning). couldn't take it anymore. felt much better, but had to walk about with my scarf on for fear of blinding someone with my dreaded headlights...TMI? sucks.

jacket: iisli
shirt: free people
shorts: dkny
shoes: repetto

trying to plan the next phase of my life. unemployment and the resultant transitional period are rather daunting when you're like me and NEED a list of items, bullet points, goals, destinations in mind. trying to adopt an 'enjoy the ride' mentality but...i gotta eat. and eating means PLANNING. or dumpster diving. will let you know which.

planning on selling some stuff on ebay. any size 9s interested?

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Blogger Manecoarse said...

Hi there. Wanted to stop by and say thank you!

8/6/10 21:01  
Blogger his hers said...

Your hair looks amazing!! And I love this look on you!

9/6/10 01:34  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Cute!!!!! Loving this outfit. Shoes too. Dying for the hair...still.

11/6/10 16:15  

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