top o' the morning

nothing irish here. just sharing a bit of my day.

my face in the morning. or whenever i get tired really. and the high bun i've been sleeping with the past few weeks. i get frustrated when it's hot AND my hair is in my face.  the flowers are peonies, albeit slightly smushed ones. someone very sweet got them for my last day. the vase is one that i had at work from when the boy sent me flowers. repeatedly. for a summer. i thought the lip was interesting.

still working on that proposal but wanted to pop in for regularity. :)

thanks for the concern regarding my perch on the balcony. made it off fine, despite it being several glasses of...everything later. my friend now has my schmoove shoes and i have these monstrosities that i can't wear anywhere practical. guess it just means i must incorporate more alcohol into my daily routine. ok, out i go.

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Blogger Melody said...

Lol, cute.
I bet your friend will be keeping those shoes. Such a great find those are.

1/6/10 18:45  
Blogger Potato said...

RE: thanks a lot! :D

2/6/10 04:39  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

cute photos! the peonies are so pretty. they're my favorite flower, and i'm glad they are in season now! ~joelle

2/6/10 13:43  
Blogger Damsels said...

you look absolutely adorable !

2/6/10 14:10  
Blogger Christen said...

More daily alcohol... I like the way you think! And I wish I was that adorable first thing in the morning :)

2/6/10 18:06  
Blogger Julia said...

You look so cute! I love the hair. I also love the peaceful vibe of your photos....must emulate...


8/6/10 20:05  

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