two sets

made a video last night. watched it three times and promptly deleted it. can't have y'all hearing my preppy white girl phone voice. so instead, i give you mirror images of me and homer simpson reveling in his raw toast...
my friend did the brazilian blowout treatment on my hair and then blow dried/flat ironed it like so. it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so expect me to show up with big hair again by wednesday. :)

i was able to beg today, for photos.

my giant bag

basically how i've been feeling the past few days:

rawr bitch.

jacket: gifted from the shoe fairy
shirt: corpus (it's got pockets at the waist, which is awesome cuz i can stick my lipgloss in it)
jeans: j lindberg (they looked better in my head)
shoes: neil barrett (scuffed to high heaven)
bag: dkny

how was the weekend? i climbed a mountain...

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Anonymous Sheena said...

Really loving the entire outfit, especially your jacket! I think your blowout looks great, too! I've been thinking of doing the Brazillian blowout treatment on my hair for the past few weeks, but still on the fence. Seeing your hair makes me feel a bit better about it and more inclined to go ahead with it.

17/5/10 11:18  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I've always wanted a Brazilian...but I have no hair. =(


17/5/10 16:53  
Blogger inked said...


17/5/10 17:57  
Blogger simplychic said...

so pretty and thick! i'm jealous ;)

cute shoes too!

17/5/10 23:27  
Blogger Chic Therapy said...

love your combination

18/5/10 02:16  
Blogger Melody said...

Welcome back. LOVE your hair like that, I really do. So full and thick and healthy. The outfit is great. The shoes and the blazer are ace. Did you do your jeans one higher than another on purpose?

18/5/10 10:27  
Blogger koko said...

LOVE the silver brogues.

I've been considering the Japanese hair treatment - it's supposed to leave your hair super straight and shiny for months even in the most humid conditions. Might be a good thing for summer to tame my mane. $$$ though...

RE: Margiela boots - I know, it sucks but I really want the Ann Dem open lace-up boots, or another pair of RO boots for the fall, so I have to give up some. And I love having small feet! So many choices left come clearance season :-)

19/5/10 10:34  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

i love those oxfords with the cuffed up pants! it's nice to show off the great shoes. you'll have to update on the brazilian blowout and how well it lasts. i'm curious to try it but haven't caved yet. ~joelle

19/5/10 12:48  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

corpus, awesome label. your hair look flawless hope it will go well with that infamous humidity. i gave up on mine, i suppose to have a haircut in two months, didnt cut for over a year ;O

20/5/10 22:57  

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