major score-age

boots. awesome. done.

oh, also, my hair WAS straight...like...china doll straight. but then...it like...rained...and there you have it folks. franny the frizzball. will see what i can do with it till week end. i have ANOTHER exam coming up, so goofing about with hair and clothing will once again take a back seat ($%&@*!)

happy hump day :)

jacket: zara
shrug: thrifted from someplace in boston
shirt: adrienne vittadini
leggings/pants: rick owens lilies (need to have them taken in, lol)
boots: george cox (thanks to the shoe fairy)

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Blogger InnyVinny said...


28/4/10 14:14  
Blogger -h said...

cool jacket.

28/4/10 19:15  
Blogger Christen said...

Love the cut of that jacket - it's really flattering on you!

28/4/10 20:16  
Blogger simplychic said...

ooooo i want to see it straight!

good luck on the exams.

28/4/10 21:17  
Blogger Melody said...

Fab. I wanna see your hair straight too! I straightened mine once, didn't like it. Funny because I have always had straight hair until I turned 16 and decided to cut it all off. I felt so weird without my fro. How did you feel?
Those shoes are serious! Commanding attention upon impact. Love. Btw, I'm so on the hunt for those Schmoove shoes you have. I am determined to find them, did you get them over the internet? Thanks

29/4/10 07:16  
Anonymous Persephone said...

The pants are great - between seeing them on you, and a similar pair on res pulchrae, I'm pretty sure I need a pair. But Rick's legwear never seems to work for me

xx Persephone

1/5/10 02:32  

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