glorious greens

hahahaha. great debate guys. my friend has decided to compromise by stating that they are 'brazilian jeans' and/or jeggings (which i'm against as they're NOT jeans but w/e).
so we'll just have to see. THANKS A LOT FOR THE FEEDBACK!

nothing going on.
at all.
oh, i think i found my first forehead wrinkle. O_O. trying not to have any expression. ever.

dress: gap
shirt: three dots
boots: frye

so how goes it, dear friends?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the colors of this outfit are so lovely- cheerful and perfect for spring! i like the grass green dress paired with your orange jacket. i like how you show the jacket's versatility! ~joelle

21/4/10 11:06  
Blogger Damsels said...

i for one dont see any wrinkles. . you look incredibly eccentric and quirky which is awesome ! i love your eclectic style .

21/4/10 14:56  
Blogger Melody said...

Lmao at forehead wrinkle. Girl please. Lovely look as per. The colours work very well together.

21/4/10 18:21  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Brazilian jeans!!!! I love it.

Get some hyaluronic serum for that wrinkle. Amazon, yo. The shit is MAGICAL.

22/4/10 02:24  
Blogger duckalicious said...

LOL, we really are in sync - I just noticed this morning I had one of those wrinkle bitches on my forehead!

22/4/10 07:16  
Blogger koko said...

You know colors are not my forte, but you on the other hand - wow, great job with the colors in this outfit!

22/4/10 11:27  
Blogger Iva said...


Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely Earth Day # 40 yesterday! Have a great weekend!

23/4/10 16:05  

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