that jacket again

Still debating whether or not these qualify as 'pants'. I'm sort of against leggings, just because I don't think that if you're wearing longjohns and they happen to have some wicked awesome designer name on them, it somehow qualifies them as 'cool'. they're still longjohns. and they don't look very good on most people (i omitted the back shots on purpose).
HOWEVER, if your leggings have pockets and a zipper, then i think they're wholly acceptable. because then they're pants. they just happen to be very tight. :)

sweater: 3 dots
pants: zara
shoes: schmoove
scarf: dunno...second hand maybe?
bag: bottega veneta. note that it's the same size as my torso...

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Blogger Daphne said...

Your new format is tripping me out! I like it. I'm just resistant to change!!! Hah. I love that my teen angsty photos resonated with you- I have a lot more where those came from. By golly.
Ok so this outfit: I love it. The colours in particular.The orange and brown together look fantastic on you. And the grey with them is unexpected and I dig. Actually I just dig the pants in general- and they totally are pants. Your hair also looks particularly amazing in this sohot. I would like to steal that bag from you!!!!!

16/4/10 15:34  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

If they have pockets, they're pants. =D

16/4/10 17:12  
Blogger duckalicious said...

what a coincidence, I was just discussing this with the boyfriend earlier today. he reckons leggings are not pants and is strictly against them without something covering the ass. I agreed on this one, but neither of us is sure what to think about half-leggings-half-pants. it was quite an inspiring and challenging philosophical debate :D

17/4/10 13:27  
Blogger SAUVAGE said...

I'm on the fence with the "jeggings" trend too... just give me a pair of opaque tights and I'm happy. Love that purse!

18/4/10 23:28  
Blogger Melody said...

I adore leggings as long as one wears them with something covering the ass! Nothing annoys me more than seeing a girls bits just hanging all out and everywhere, like goddamn don't you feel a little self conscious your self? Smdh. I despise jeggings. Why not just wear a pair of skinny jeans and call it a day? People are on some dumbshit these days. If it's "on trend" people simply have to wear it, ugh.
I love your "pants" they really look good on you. I want some. But I doubt they would look as good on me I am more meaty than you, sigh. Great look as always =]
And sorry about the rant. Ha

19/4/10 06:21  
Blogger Pennerad said...

@Daphe: WOW! High praise coming from you! THANKS SO MUCH!

@Innyvinny: Word. That was the bulk of my argument, lol.

@Duckalicious: Yes, it's definitely fascinating to hear highly educated people argue about such a minor (yet controversial) issue. I think leggings should DEFINITElY have something covering the bum because no one wants to see ALL of...that...down there. Still on the fence on this one because my parts were def not covered b/c of the aforementioned, all-important ZIPPER inclusion.

@sauvage: you know, i'd like to try that, but i'm thinking opaque tights would look a bit...skimpy on me without the added coverage of a dress or shirt (as in prev. post!). guess i'm on the fence too.

@Melody: we should start the Fellowship of Undercovered Persons, Anonymous (FUPA, look it up, lol). yeah, i was trying not to be so 'trendy' but hell it was comfortable, so screw it. GO FOR IT. you're probably not that much meatier than i. the camera is very deceptive that way. ;-)

19/4/10 11:23  
Blogger Damsels said...

lol.. in my opinion the pants/ leggings are pants if you convince yourself that they are , , but that aside i love the light gray with they mix of the bright orange jacket ..

20/4/10 17:10  
Blogger simplychic said...

whatever they are, they look great on you!

22/4/10 22:08  

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