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hiya. laying on my couch watching films with warm heineken. lol. awesome! at some point i'll have to get up and do my gargantuan pile of laundry and clean my house...ew...until then... SPRING BREAK! lol.

i've got a chictopia account and my blue acne dress which drew so many stares and (rather offensive) comments on the street, has received so much positive feedback! it's kind of funny really, much like how one man's (perception of what is) trash can be another man's treasure.

this shirt is amazing. it's my little brother's. my mom gave it to me because he was outgrowing it and never ever wore it. my brother is now about 6 feet tall (wtf...) and this shirt would likely fit him like a child's onesie, gangly as he is. it goes with everything in my closet. it's got blue pinstripe so it's not quite stark white. and the fabric is so durable, yet not coarse.  it's officially my favorite. i adore pieces like this.

the scarf is another favorite that i've only just begun wearing. i wore it once when i was in college to a boy's house (scandalous) where i forgot it. years later, the boy and i connected. we now live together. at his mom's place one day, we were going through his old things and he pulled it out of a box of old textbooks. we looked at each other and both smiled, then he folded it back up and we brought it home.  now it has a story.

oh, and i might have something great in the works! i love new opportunities. especially the ones that appear out of the blue, when you most need it and least expect it. nothing fashion-y, i'm afraid, but, i'm wondering if it will affect my style...hmm. in any event, have a lovely weekend.  i'm on a ban again...hoping to (actually) move at the end of the summer.  being thrifty sucks when you're already broke, lol.

jacket: ??
shirt: my kid brother's
jeans: rich and skinny
boots: Frye
backpack: sol
scarf: old, from my dad

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Blogger simplychic said...

gosh i love that jacket!

the story of the scarf and the boy made me smile :)

27/3/10 22:22  
Blogger Melody said...

Nice story :)
This is one of my favourite get ups from you. Perfect

28/3/10 18:20  
Blogger InnyVinny said...



28/3/10 20:15  

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