this last shot brought back a memory.  when i was younger, my older brothers used to say that i had a witch chin. it was pointy, especially when i smiled, and they would grab my chin and tug at it. it was all in good fun, but as i grew older i'd smile with my hand over my face, to hide my chin.  thank goodness i'm over it now.

yesterday i had the immense pleasure of meeting ev'yan of apricot tea. she's sweet and eloquent and considerate. and somehow, through that brief meeting, i got the impression that with all of my quirks and flaws, i'm not so strange after all. i just haven't found the right surroundings just yet. 

i really need to start my homework.

sweater: rivy ng
jacket: pretty face
shirt: gap
skirt: dries van noten
shoes: miu miu

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Move out here. Perceived strangeness melts away in L.A.

Oh, and you're the awesomest fucking awesome person in the universe. KNOW THAT!

1/4/10 23:52  
Blogger simplychic said...

i'm liking the oxfords.

2/4/10 20:03  

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