dinner and a show

went out to dinner at primehouse (freaking ace) and got all gussied up. or as gussied up as i could in 20 minutes. then i had the stroke of genius to put makeup on. this is perhaps my 3rd or 4th foray into the world of cosmetics. i fail.
anyway, i put on eyeshadow, which i proceeded to get all over my face. then i put mascara on. easy, yeah? fool-proof, even. all you do is brush it on your lashes. i bought a waterproof drugstore brand and put on two coats. i read somewhere that you can do that, so i figured i'd give it a shot, since i wear glasses and wasn't wearing anything else.
cut to the end of the night and i can now NOT get the damn mascara off. i rinsed and scrubbed and tugged at my lashes as gently as i could, trying to persuade the gunk off my eyes (it did still look good by the way, even wet). i googled the problem and found that one could remove makeup with baby oil. i have none AND there was a partial statement as follows:

"I used to use baby oil to remove my waterproof mascara in my 20s. Now that I'm in my 30s, I'm paying the price..."

i clicked, hoping to find out what the potential price was, because i certainly didn't want to pay it. i mean i was already practically blinded.  dead link, so i went and grabbed some baby oil and two cotton balls and trying to gently massage the evil paint off my lids. the cotton balls fuzzed and i ended up with cotton fibers all over my lashes, which served to not only blind me, but also get the oil in my eye. tried to flush that out, but ended up with some mysterious oily film on my left eyeball. WTF. i decided to go to bed and pray that my body would repair the needless damage. i can NOW see clearly out of my left eye, thank goodness, but might be backing off from the makeup adventures for awhile.

in other news, i LOST a follower, lol. i wonder what happened? was it something i said?
still confused as to what this following business is for.

jacket: iisli
top: express (i've worn this exactly 3x in the past 3 years despite the impeccable fit)
skirt: random, not sure
shoes: miu miu (most comfortable heels i own); i bought these BEFORE the clog craze.
belt: enzo angiolini
bag: $1 at the nashua salvation army; total score

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Blogger B-in-To said...

Lovely look ,I'm not really into clogs but I definitely like yours they are unique.AND your clutch you said 1DOLLARS!!!I can't believe it where do you live,I want it too.Lool

8/4/10 15:20  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I never thought I'd say this, but the clogs are cute!

As for the makeup, you can forgo the mascara since you wear glasses. Most makeup will come off with Vitamin E oil which I've had no problem with, but I don't really wear makeup, so that may be why I've never had a problem. Oh! And use your hands. No more cotton balls!

8/4/10 17:38  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

You have some serious stems! Maybe you should put away all those floor-sweeping skirts for a while :)

I was dying at your makeup predicament. On the off-chance you ever brave waterproof mascara again, get some proper eye makeup remover. It'll make life 1000x easier.

last words: clogs, skirt, and hair are all looking great!!

8/4/10 22:32  
Blogger simplychic said...

i like how you gussy up! that pop of color in the bag is perfect for this look.

8/4/10 23:25  
Blogger duckalicious said...

you really rock those clogs, girl!

9/4/10 01:59  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

very cool shot, great color palette.

still hot chez vous?
here is .... snowing...

9/4/10 08:59  
Blogger The CultureCynic said...

clog clog. u r pulling thm off brilliantly!!!

9/4/10 12:06  
Blogger Courtnee said...

You look fantastic and what great gams(as my grandpa would say)!

9/4/10 12:52  
Blogger Manecoarse said...

I LOVE the shoes. Cute look.

10/4/10 22:36  
Blogger Melody said...

You are working those clogs. Such gorgeous legs. Adore the bag.

11/4/10 07:31  
Blogger Emmy said...

I use waterproof mascara (it's the only one that lasts one me) and I use waterproof make up remover (from the body shop) and I still have black eyes in the morning. I hate it!

11/4/10 10:49  
Blogger Morgan-Ashley said...

Great outfit, first time on your blog, and I'll be back lol!



11/4/10 14:43  

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