no clue what i was on about.

love the drape of this jacket. it's cotton but has a velvety texture, which i've always loved in clothes. sometimes i catch myself rubbing it against my skin.  oh, that's a tube of burt's bees in my pocket.  but i am still happy to see you :).  still winding down from the weekend. my hair looks like a bird nest and got 2 chapters to catch up on reading for class.  fingers crossed for an important email this week.

jacket: hilary radley
cardigan: f21
shirt: american apparel
jeans: earnest sewn
shoes: audrey brooke

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just love that purple toned jacket with the bright orange bag! an the plaid scarf is adorable. ~joelle

12/4/10 12:42  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Are you sure that jacket isn't velvet? Because it totally looks like velvet.

13/4/10 15:42  

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