wanted: inspiration

desperately seeking something other than the now generic 'blogger-wear'. call to arms (or clothes?) for folks to inspire me. :)
been in a bit of a rut with studying for a major exam (a DOOZY, i assure you) and its associated weariness, but took a few minutes to snap these this morning. now trying to evade a cold.

scarf: vintage
shirt: van heusen (yeah, i wear it constantly, but this is a good thing, no?)
pants: rick owens
boots: frye
various rings/necklace: thrifted/gifted

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Blogger Julia said...

Of course those pants are Rick Owens! They're so Revolutionary War chic! And the necklace is double awesome.

Sigh, I know well the "blogger wear" you speak of. I need to be new.


27/4/10 12:56  
Blogger Marcia B. said...

I love the pants, i love everything ahhhh Good luck on your exam. Roberta Bondar comes to mine when i look at these photographs!

27/4/10 17:23  
Blogger koko said...

Ah yes, I have yet to fully regain my style mojo. Maybe look at magazines instead of blogs? I also find menswear quite exciting and often more practical, I think they have collections up on gq.com or something.

27/4/10 17:49  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I have bowties for you. Put them in and on things.

I'm tapped for ideas. I'm in all black errthang/black and white/black and ___ at the moment. Scarves and drapey things abound. Maybe you need a drapey thing.

28/4/10 02:39  
Blogger -h said...

I think I'm out of the loop with "blogger wear." I don't look at those kinds of blogs anymore. hehe

I would just change the outlet. Look at magazines, and like koko said, even at menswear. Archives from your favorite designer. Movies. Or a comb through the 43738723 images I'm sure we all have saved on our computer. lol! And you'll start to notice common links in them. And then just go into your closet and play with what you already have. Sometimes I come up with new combinations.

-ps. Cool boots! The black strip in the back especially makes it.

28/4/10 19:24  
Blogger simplychic said...

i seriously need your pants! they are fantastic. and rick owens? i didn't realize he worked with color. but i haven't really followed his work much.

i too am feeling uninspired with my wardrobe :-/

28/4/10 21:15  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

great outfit, so clean and perfect proportions.

btw i saw that RO sale, and of course they had that jumper i always wanted, and of course, my size already gone...

7/5/10 15:19  

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