an unusual option

i gotta back off the brown...but it's so good.

sneakers. ACTUAL sneakers. i bought these shoes about 6 years ago during an 'I WILL BE COMFORTABLE' phase when all the girls were wearing 'cute flats' and skinny jeans (hm, not much change). this is the first time i'm wearing them. madness.

working on work and discipline this week. stupid skin went into remission; trying to determine if i have some sort of actual acne or if it's just the oils from my hair causing the breakouts. maybe i should finally get on birth control again (it made me absolute insane but maybe it'll be worth it?).

jacket: h&m
cardigan: h&m
shirt: inhabit
jeans: miss sixty
belt: gap (best belt i own; very durable leather)
shoes: j (super comfy and cushioned)
bag: bottega veneta

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Blogger Melody said...

I need that bag in my life. Seriously. Jheeze. Really like the browns =]

22/4/10 11:06  
Blogger simplychic said...

6 yrs ago???? that is madness. they are super cute. why did you wait so long? love the trouser jean.

22/4/10 22:06  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I can't believe you held on to shoes for that long.

24/4/10 16:53  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

i love this somewhat menswear-inspired look! the various shades of brown and tan are so pretty together, and the shoes are great! can't believe you've waited so long to show em off :) ~joelle

26/4/10 11:55  

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