'you look so vogue today'

sweetest comment this morning. great way to start the day when not feeling it, but it is nice to be bare-armed/legged again.

yeah, so there's like 10 pictures. not in an editing mood. just...tired. cranked out a paper yesterday which i was able to have a very good friend review. he let me know in no unclear terms that what i had written was bullshit. so i had to start nearly from scratch. good thing too b/c i don't like to submit nonsense to an instructor, even if that instructor seems completely oblivious to the rules and regulations of how a class is supposed to be run.

still no fun time. hoping that next tuesday i'll be alive enough to go out and get a beer. mmm...beer. cold. and wings. so that's the goal, ladies and germs. make it to tuesday. wings, beer, and vogue.

sweater: h&m
waistcoat: trashy store in midtown
shirt: nike
belt: linea pelle (i love this belt. it's totally falling apart)
pants: 80%20% or something like that
shoes: cydwoq (i love these shoes. they do not love me back)
bag: dkny
scarf: secondhand

has the week been good to you all?

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Blogger Melody said...

Lovely trousers, and those shoes are sick. The trousers and the T is me on a lazy day. I would have worn some white tennis shoes because I'm boring lol, and left it at that. Again, well put together, I adore.

20/5/10 12:46  
Blogger PrincessImp. said...

I feel ya..I need to survive till next Tuesday too!
Love the slouchy trousers and flat shoes. The lime green bag is refreshing.
Keep your head up! :)

20/5/10 16:46  
Blogger Julia said...

Oh, I adore the flats here. And your hair! Sorry for my absence, I've been busy as I ever am (which, since I'm not ever busy, feels like a lot).


20/5/10 17:49  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Dude...those shoes.

It's almost over. Keep at it.

21/5/10 19:41  
Anonymous Persephone said...

I'm always trying to figure out how to leave a comment and for some reason it never seems to work. The shoes looks so interesting - I'd love to see some more close ups!

xx Persephone

24/5/10 01:37  
Blogger his hers said...

I adore those trousers!!! This is such a cute look, very chic!

24/5/10 02:48  
OpenID theowlsarenotwhattheyseem said...

these pants are perfect!! i love the bagginess and the pleating. great shoes too. ~joelle

24/5/10 13:49  
Anonymous Style Odyssey said...

really great trousers....so effortless with your shoes and cardi.

28/5/10 23:35  

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