yep, in my white tee

dusting my shoulders off. ha.

keeping it simple for the day. seems to be a trend. whatevs. it's summer. it's hot. "stress-free" is the focus.

love these boots. still breaking them in so had to pre-bandage my feet. will be looking into grey's suggestions as well however.

shirt: adrienne vittadini
pants: j. lindeberg
shoes: george cox
sweater: complex geometries
bag: bottega veneta
not pictured: band aids strapped to my feet to aid in the breaking in process. :) will be doing the bobby sock trick when i get home.

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Blogger Manecoarse said...

A very classy look. I love the details in that shirt.

11/6/10 09:56  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

SHIRT.IS.BAWSE. Forget about the one I've been talking about.

14/6/10 16:16  

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