day and night

 worn to brunch.  they just kept on pouring those drinks....i then fell asleep in the movies right after this.

shirt: rvca
skirt: tahari
shoes: fratelli rosetti

some details omitted from the last post.

my go-to watch and newly resurrected cuff

weird birthmark that i've always had and rarely see...and my necklace.

shoes came. they're so good. will be doing a post soon. it's so hot outside, i can't think.

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Blogger Melody said...

You look happy. Loads of smiley pictures these days; lovely lovely.
That skirt is the biz. And I want stairs like that! Like your own red carpet. So cool..

22/6/10 06:58  
Anonymous Sheena said...

Very cool! I love how relaxed and casual the look is and it's so perfect for summer! I am really coveting that cuff, too!

22/6/10 16:02  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

You look so good in the skirt, but what's with all the shoes?! LOL

22/6/10 20:08  

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