it's not what it looks like...but it is very bland

lines....sorry guys...

talking with my hands...sooo not what it looks like.

i thought this outfit looked way better in real life...kinda lame in the photos.

sitting with my buttermilk concoction in my hair. i gave myself a trim the other day (it's SO bad, i know it) and couldn't stop fiddling with the newly shorn, smooth ends. i decided to take better care of it and just let it do its thing.  so trying to keep it happy now. i'm officially a slave to my hair.

did you know that SATC2 was out on DVD already????? shocking...really.

watching young victoria...i freaking ADORE emily blunt.

someone told me i was down to earth today. she said that knowing my background, she's surprised that i'm not more of a prissy, stuck-up sort of girl. she then apologized if it came off as though she was insinuating i had no breeding, lol. i love compliments like that. totally real and uncontrived(?). correct my spelling, julia!

shirt: j crew
jeans: earnest sewn
shoes: bill blass
belt: gap
cuff: second hand store i stumbled across in CT
necklace: gift from a friend
watch: Michael Anthony; rec'd on my college graduation day from an obscure family friend. i wear it always.

have you all any fantastic, enviable weekend plans? i'll likely be home. piling bananas into my hair or watching more Netflix now that my internet connection is fixed. super fun yeah?!? no? alright

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Anonymous Nubiasnonsense said...

Double Denim.. seems to be pretty popular in the blogosphere lately.. Love it

19/6/10 00:35  
Blogger Melody said...

Doesn't look lame is the slightest. I actually really like it and I would wear it. I love how you are smiling more; you have such a pretty smile.

Lmao at SATC2. That movie was sooo bad; jheeze. I walked out of the cinema and I had NOTHING to say. NOTHING. I'm not surprised at all.

I adore Emily Blunt too. You know Carey Mulligan? Well, she sort of reminds me of Emily Blunt, I can't out my finger on why. She was brilliant in the film An Education; If you haven't watched it you definitely should, I think you would like it. I personally loved it.

And I agree, you are very down to earth.

19/6/10 15:22  
Blogger Daphne said...

Those jeans fit you so well it's ridiculous. I'm jealous. I definitely do not own jeans so suited to me. :(! And I really like this outfit. My eyes immediately went to the shoes. Love em

20/6/10 11:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love simple things like this! I also spend a lot of time on hair. Mostly about how I hate it, not styling it or anything. Anyway, the talking with your hands made me laugh because 2 days ago at Lowe's I asked an older guy where to find AC filters and he goes: "this is aisle 1 (shows 1 finger), you need to go to aisle 10(shows all 10 fingers)" I told my mom, either the guy thinks I'm stupid or he talks with his hands! I don't know, maybe it was my accent! Also are you sure SATC2 is out?????????????? I'm gonna call my local blockbuster right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, thanks for the award! Am I supposed to pass it along? I have no idea!
last thing: sorry for the longest comment ever!

20/6/10 12:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew I was going to forget something: I just wanted to say I freaking love Emily Blunt. I fell in love with her since the devil wears prada...

20/6/10 12:50  
Blogger simplychic said...

it's not lame at all. i love it! those jeans fit you sooooo well. i'm jealous. none of my jeans look like that on me :-/

22/6/10 00:32  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

This is one of my favorite combos ever. Simple, well-fitting jeans, a crisp button down and a nice leather belt. Perfect!

22/6/10 20:10  

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