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my other shoes still have not arrived. officially murderous with regards to the post office. GIVE THEM TO ME!

i got compliments on my hair today! never happens. people usually just kind of stare. i think it's because it's smaller today than it usually is. lol. i also think i look like a little kid here. d'ah well.

i've re-fallen in love with this cuff. goes with everything.

shirt: free people
skirt: j crew (self-altered)
shoes: bill blass
bag: dkny

no shots of the back because my bra straps were showing. is that still tacky? or is it only tacky in shirts where it oughtn't to be showing, like this one? home today. going to watch some movies and do. absolutely. nothing.

i received a style council badge on chictopia. awesome? i'm not sure. i don't know what it really means just yet. i thought i'd be a style judge of some sort, but apparently not so...?

did anyone catch the second chance sale at gilt??? they had KELLY BAGS!!!!! KELLY!

thank you for your sweet comments on all my posts. keeps me motivated enough to not wear jeans and t-shirts. which is what i do when i don't take pics for this blog. :)

i really must show you all some of the details of my wardrobe more closely. finding pieces that make me happy just wearing them. do you own any items like that?

debating getting my nails done today. i don't like people touching my feet. totally skeeves me out. but these lovely NYC'ers with their perfect nail jobs are making me jealous. i SUCK at applying lacquer to my nails. i can never get a smooth line; probably because i hesitate. they look like tire tracks.

hoping to get some things accomplished this weekend. like selling more of my stuff. and getting a new A/C (i've been bitchy in the heat; the boy can't take it anymore). and looking for a new job.

anyone going anywhere cool for the weekend?

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

What did you do to your hair? It's pretty. I favor the bigger look, but this is cute too.

Gotta have pieces you love in your closet. The ones that make me most happy are my cardigans covered in cat hair...only because I wear them so much. The cat hair part acutally sucks.

25/6/10 19:25  
Blogger Morena said...

I actually love your hair girl! It looks good this way, but I think it looks fantastic when it's all big and poofy.

26/6/10 02:35  
Blogger Christen said...

You have the most amazing hair ever! You deserve to get compliments on it every day! And I'm loving the outfit, girl!

26/6/10 11:11  
Blogger dee said...

I definitely have those special pieces in my wardrobe that I absolutely cherish, but I end up not wanting to wear any of them because I'm scared I'll ruin them! Hah, I am so weird. Especially during the summer. I don't want to ruin my clothes by sweating in them. Yes, I might be slightly/a lot OCD.

28/6/10 13:30  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

you really do have great hair! i love it. i love this skirt too- plaid always seems so appealing in the summertime especially. ~joelle

28/6/10 16:02  
Blogger Melody said...

Whaaaaat. I love your hair big. Infact, I think you should try a blow out =] would look sooooo sick.

Lol at tire tracks. I wanna get my nails done too; but like you I'm also funny about people touching my feet. Or people just touching me in general. Yet I love hugging everyone & I always hug everyone... I'm twisted. But get your nails done girl! Treat yourself

Love the cuff.

1/7/10 19:09  

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