the 4th, and then some

me in silhouette:

borrowed my friend's big floppy hat. couldn't get it over all my hair so just popped it on top. the boy despises this. lol.

stumbled out of bed and into lunch.

while the grass and water looked very inviting, the idea of baking for any additional time was deeply unappealing. took this picture and took to the streets for more water.

dress: dkny (got RAVE REVIEWS!!! i was so flattered all day, lol)
shoes: mine de rien
bag: coach, from my daddy
watched the fourth kind this weekend. i was freaking the hell out. didn't want the sun to go down for fear that i'd be kidnapped by aliens of a most malevolent sort.

it's officially too hot to do a damn thing. blogging from my couch in front of a fan. please, oh heat wave gods, take mercy on us...

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Blogger Julia said...

That movie TERRIFIED my husband. He won't even let me mention it. The "real" psychologist even looked like an alien -- I kept wondering if they'd CGI'd her face to make her eyes bigger and spaced more widely. Anyway, yes to aliens on the Fourth of the July -- such a weirdly patriotic combo. You look fabulous in your simple and breezy dress. My sister says NYC is simmering and smells like sh*t, but of course there's no place she'd rather be :)


6/7/10 19:21  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

Your friends are gorgeous (as are you)! And the silver shoes are the perfect contrast to that beautiful dress!

6/7/10 22:00  
Blogger simplychic said...

the floppy hat looks great with your hair. i could never pull that off...

6/7/10 23:19  
Blogger Melody said...

You look beautiful. That dress fits you so well. I really want a floppy hat, but like you, this hair of mine kind of puts me off getting one because I know it'll just sit on my hair lol. Your friends look beautiful too. Fun times! I love these pictures.

7/7/10 15:34  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

My housemate was just watching that movie a couple of days ago! How odd...

That dress is beautimous on you, babe. =D

8/7/10 16:58  
Blogger koko said...

ah yes, many times this past month (and looks like july as well) i wished i had a big floppy hat.

i went to a bbq in brooklyn last saturday, all the hipsters had panama hats on.

i want one of those "my fair lady" type ridiculous hats, that you wear to horse races, but i wouldn't get much use out of them i suppose.

8/7/10 17:28  

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