it's the weekend

shirt: rvca
pants: religion
shoes: fratelli rosetti

outfit is lame but i love these pants.

on the hunt for:

  • waist belts; heavy, leather, bold waist belts
  • jumper/pants with suspenders
  • long dresses
  • button downs (sans bust darts); they go with everything
  • shirts in general. NOTHING to wear in this heat
  • a VERY chunky platform/wedge boot/sandal for everyday wear
  • statement earrings
met the most beautiful girl yesterday. she's sweet and smart and funny and i can't wait to hang out with her again! i'm such a freak sometimes.

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Blogger Julia said...

I love those shoes, my friend! So preppy and yet perfect with the pants for making the outfit summery. Totally rad!


2/7/10 19:17  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Nothing wrong with loving your pants...and now that I know what you're looking fer...

6/7/10 16:04  

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