baby it's cold outside

top: gap
skirt: rebekah and chloe
shoes: diba
bag: dkny

too wet for outdoor photos. my hair WAS curly this morning. got soaked and after a chilly train ride it looks like this. all kinds of stuff going on up there now.
purchased this philip b conditioner a while ago and have begun using it for my sporadic conditioning treatments:
and am very disappointed with the results. while i didn't pay retail for it, it does absolutely nothing and just sits on the hair until rinsed. damn shame. it costs $46 on amazon. and i DON'T recommend it. it's not even good as a detangling conditioner. i'm going to use it up and toss the bottle as it seems to be absolute crap for my hair. i heard bleak things about the brand but was willing to try it.  will be going back to giovanni and yes to carrots.

in other grim news:
this is the worst film i'v ever seen. i'm furious that i wasted nearly 2 hours of my time on it waiting for the two (STUPID!!!!) female leads to either die or lose their dumbass camera. really, damn shame. it's a ripoff of cloverfield, which i discovered after doing an internet search during this shittiest of shit movies. interminable crock of ass....

in keeping with my abject fury at the course music has taken, i wanted to share this. heard it just last night and fell in love. have a listen:

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Blogger Alice said...

cool blog! glad I found it - interesting format here. and great outfits all the time!


13/7/10 16:16  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

I love Cold War Kids- very fun, easy to listen to music! You look fantastic. I really like your masculine shirt and frilly, girly skirt together.

13/7/10 17:17  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

13/7/10 17:17  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

CWK is a good group.

And you look HAWT. For reals. The skirt is a good look.

13/7/10 22:38  
Blogger Melody said...

You look smoking! I love the skirt and heels.

As for the conditioner, doesn't it suck when you buy something for so much and it doesn't do anything! I have millions of products like that in my bathroom; just sitting there.

Never heard of CWK but I like the song.

15/7/10 06:52  
Blogger simplychic said...

omg. can i just tell you that i love this!!! it's such a GREAT mix of feminine and masculine with that plaid!

15/7/10 18:20  

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