oh yeah, i can't swim

i remember when this was called 'nappy' and i'd bolt to get my hair done (fried). weird what 2 years can do for one's self image.

after my nap...

it was decided that the sail would be dropped. on my head.

gilded paths

told everyone i'd be wearing t-shirts and shorts to the beach until i got my shit together. people thought i was being super self conscious. clearly, i'm NOT kidding, lol.

shirt: margiela
shorts: hydraulic
sneakers: levi's (bestest sailing/boat shoes ever. swear.)

went sailing. passed out on a boat. i'm terrified of water, even the pool. jaws is ever-present in my memory. so is free willy. and the titanic and deep blue sea. while i love water and would love to have ready pool access or live over it  i'm so incredibly frightened of it, i'd probably just sit at the side and stare suspiciously into the deep end (this has happened). i can't swim...at all. and i'm scared i'll fall in and never get out. plus, you can't SEE underwater. especially in the sound cuz the water is GREEN. see how FAR away all the land was? we were on the water for 8 hours. the day was spent discussing sharks, why they (and lost whales, barracuda, piranha, etc.) would not be in the sound, what would happen if the wind never came back, black people and sunburn and the lack of boobs on the boat. as the only girl, i was the sole source of entertainment, true story, lol.

the next day, (after i watched jaws 2 at my mom's) i found out that a friend of mine went sailing in the sound. his boat died and he and his friend tried to swim to shore. they got stranded in the water, too far from the boat and too far from the shore, with the current sweeping them steadily away from anything significant. people, thinking they were just being friendly, waved back at them as they flailed helplessly in their flimsy rubber boat with bending oars. the only reason they made it out is because someone saw 2 morons trying to take on the currents in a rubber effing boat.

so this is my weakness. secret's out and i don't feel better...and i'm sure you all desperately needed to have this information to move forth with your day...

yeah. so...i got back pats for not visibly freaking out all day. they let me drive steer be skipper of the boat forEVER, i think at least partially so i had something to occupy my rabid brain.  i've decided i need a captain's hat.  the gentle rocking allowed for a good nap, though. pretty sure i tanned on one side only.  what did YOU guys do to celebrate independence day? anyone watch the fireworks?

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Blogger Julia said...

Holy shit, I thought only I remembered Deep Blue Sea. Nothing makes me happier/more giggly than that movie. Sorry it terrified you! And FYI, your hair is ROCKIN', don't ever change it. If I could have hair like that I'd die a happy woman. I constantly battle my fluffy hair every day to make it huger, and I constantly lose....


6/7/10 14:40  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Did you sing "I'm On A Boat"? That always calms me down on water.

6/7/10 16:20  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

Deep Blue Sea features one of my favorite death scenes ever. Sam Jackson. Shark. CHOMP!

Anyway, I'll confess that I can't swim either. Being that I was born on a Caribbean island, I've endured ridiculous amounts of teasing for this.

Last thing-you look beautiful in the picture after your nap.

6/7/10 21:51  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

ahh the boat looks so nice! that is one of my favorite things to do. i could see it being less relaxing if you can't swim though. ~joelle

7/7/10 11:44  
Blogger Melody said...

This looks glorious
I have never been on a boat. The boy; a true born islander, has always promised to take me on a boat ride or whatever you call it lol. I want to, but I'm scared. And he's a bitch himself! If me & him went all alone and he got us lost and so far from land with his adventurous self... I would have to calm his ass and get us back to land. Smh. So for that reason I shall keep putting boat fun off!

Love your little sailing outfit. Lol at tanning on one side. Your smile is too pretty girl, seriously. And I remember those days of being addicted to the creamy crack too. Smh.

7/7/10 15:43  
Blogger Daphne said...

Your hair is GORGEOUS. Never do anything to it except let it loose!! It's sculptural, something I will never understand with my desperately straight hair. :(!

9/7/10 15:31  
Blogger Emmy said...

I can't swim either but I'd love to go sailing!
I also like the curly hair! I tried getting a perm many years ago, but my hair was so straight it didn't take. ANd they did it twice! But now my hair has a wave so I'm ok with it!

9/7/10 15:37  

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