can't beat the heat

i feel like this photo makes me look 'thick', lol. been receiving a lot of comments on my derriere lately...growing up, i always wanted to have a butt like one of those video girls or this beauty. alas, neither of those things happened and then i realized that wafer-thin and anorexics were 'in', i.e. on the runway.  given those two extremes, i think i just want to be toned and healthy. bought a 30 day membership for bikram yoga. wish me luck. haven't started yet because of the heat wave, but hoping next week, i'll be motivated by my dissatisfaction with how my clothes fit.

struggling to keep cool. currently blazin' saddles here in the city. sorry if i look really shiny. it's cuz i am. popped out of the shower and put my hair up and threw this on for the afternoon. this is perhaps one of my most 'provocative' dresses. it's tissue thin and the decolletage (how do you do accents on a laptop...?) is just...shocking by my standards. but i love it. it catches a wind like a vane and despite my hatred for embellishments of any sort, i really like the dangly, waterfall-y type neck thing. lol. articulate, yeah?

i've read all of your comments on my hydrophobia.
it's a damn shame that i'm from an island and can't swim. but i was traumatized i tell you (plus, despite all the immigrant jokes, i totally didn't swim here)!!! as part of your training, they chuck you in the deep end of the pool and make you grab hold of a pole and/or tread water. i can't tread water and i can't open my eyes underwater. i'm freaking terrified that when i open them there will be rows and rows and rows of teeth. so i failed that. and i never go in the deep end anymore unless i've got flippers on. yes, flippers. in the pool. and goggles. i totally sang 'i'm on a boat' for like 4 days before the trip and then for about 30 mins after it started. then i realized being on a boat ain't all it cracked up to be. i mean, you can't SEE your feet!!! perhaps in the caribbean with clearer waters and my goggles, i'll feel a bit more comfy. until then, no cruises.

currently getting screwed on ebay. bought a dress from the general economy blog and it didn't fit (i was told that side boobage was not attractive...hmph!) so put it on ebay for half the price and the buy it now as the full price. and one person has bid at the minimum price.  *forehead slap, hangs self*. anyway, at least it'll be out of my house. freaking awful that this is my consolation, though.

i did like 8 loads of laundry yesterday but am in the midst of folding it all still. in the meantime, i'm obsessed with the tudors so as i fold my whites, i'll be soaking up the blatant fornication. helps one stay focused on the tedium, i find.

just bought 4 wine glasses, 3 knives and a $15 bottle of conditioner for $18 and change. freaking SWEET. i love discounts.

gonna go make dinner now with my new utensils!  as my kitchen is most akin to HELL at the moment, wish me luck and fortitude.  if i pass out, thanks for the support. i feel less self-conscious about drowning, lol.

oh, and the boy made this. i asked if i could share it and he said yes.  he's explained it to me...it all seems very complicated to my non-technical mind, but to me it mostly looked pretty cool:

but then again, i'm into construction equipment and power tools.

ok, done rambling.  will be back to visiting your blogs once i meet this deadline this evening.

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Blogger Julia said...

My husband sings that song to me a least once a month -- and it was like every day when he first discovered it. You're so pretty in white, and I completely agree with you concerning its all powerful attributes.

8/7/10 23:32  
Blogger Daphne said...

Lots of things:
1. I know exactly where that first photo was taken because it's where I spend nearly every day of the summer!!! My park!!!
2. I think that dress is gorgeous on you. I don't know what you're talking about- you're in great shape.
3. I always wanted to look like Jessica Rabbit, too. Hahah! When I was a teenager and two separate people described my lips as "jessica rabbit lips" It was one of the best compliments I've ever gotten! NERD!
4. About Juliet- My family were all peasants at the time, and even my Italian family (I'm 1/4) are Sicilian. So...no realistic Juliet aspirations for me, either. However, that's my favorite thing about fashion in THIS time period. We can literally wear whatever we want, regardless of how much sense it makes!

9/7/10 15:26  
Blogger duckalicious said...

"toned and healthy" sounds great. anyway, if you can pull off a white dress over your ass, that means you have nothing to worry about!

9/7/10 16:18  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Go do yoga. The heat outside will seem pleasant afterward. =D

9/7/10 16:21  
Blogger Sol said...

love that simple white dress, so perfect for summer :)

10/7/10 14:55  
Blogger Melody said...

Dress is so pretty on you.

12/7/10 15:37  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

you do not look thick at all! the dress is really cute on you. i love little white dresses in the summertime (and all year, really). ~joelle

12/7/10 17:04  

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