loose bits

over the heat....i'm ready for fall.

what i anticipate my daily 'look' will be. once i get that damn bag.
basics, FTW.

birth of a jedi...

from gizmodo

in a funk today. as i was yesterday. and most of the weekend.
well, aside from this:

i want these. bad.

me, later, after a drink, and some ice cream
well, maybe just me if i don't get ice cream.

i need to get sized for a bra. this is becoming a problem. my boobs fit nowhere. another purchase for the fall. along with a passport renewal application and good socks. i love thick, cushy socks.

these made me happy:

via tumblr


back with a proper update soon.  nyc is kicking my butt this summer.

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Blogger L said...

1-pretty much my ideal bag contents (and badass green bag) as well
2-i actually have that coffee cup and it's fantastic
3-love the outfit frog

love summer, not lovin' heat.


20/7/10 22:16  
Blogger Julia said...

This post rocks -- who's that lucky girl with whom you're holding hands! And...that last photos is perfect. Simply.


20/7/10 22:56  
Blogger SAUVAGE said...

that default outfit is perfection, killer green bag.

21/7/10 17:09  
Anonymous Sheena said...

Amen! I'm definitely there with you on the heat and bringing on summer! And looks like you are having lots of fun in those pictures! Good way to get out of a funk :)

21/7/10 17:56  
Blogger Emmy said...

OMG! That bag is gorgeous! Get it now!!!

27/7/10 12:22  

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