dress: h&m
shoes: miu miu
bag: dkny

yet another drunken-brunch-lunch-dinner-after dinner drinks session.  wound up with my bra in my friend's purse (i need that back, baby girl...), and a paper plate in mine...not sure why just yet.

this is just a big shirt i got from h&m. $10 well spent. i actually bought it for $17 b/c the hood h&m cashier was a bit frazzled by the MASSIVE crowd. so despite the huge red sticker, she charged me the higher price. yep, i went back and got my $7.95 back.

wealthier people reclaim smaller sums so i tried not to feel uncomfortable about it.

i DID, however, suffer quite a few strange looks (pre-bra removal) from persons on the street. i'm still not quite sure why. i think it's because it's really just a huge sack and it sort of clings and sways in strange ways. i don't see it as very provocative, but perhaps i missed something?  thoughts?

i'm happy you all liked my last post! i really, REALLY dig good packaging. sort of speaks to the quality of the item, no?

off to round 2 of interviews tomorrow. now i have too many jobs and will likely have to whittle but i'm also not sure of that. for tonight, i just need to get some rest. couldn't sleep yesterday and only slept 4 hours from the night before. wound up trying to hypnotize myself on my sofa at 6am. restless nights are awful.

how was monday? smooth transition from the weekend, i hope.

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Blogger Julia said...

No, I have been looking for a green bag like that forever. I love it. Perfect with the white! Ahhh!! Too lovely.

27/7/10 00:45  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I'm mad you took your bra off in the skreets. LOL.

Good luck with interviews!

27/7/10 15:15  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

I have that "dress" which I wear as a shirt because I'm not as smart as you and I didn't size up. ANYWAY, I imagine when the breeze hit you, it became a little clingy and therefore, infinitely sexy(ier).

27/7/10 20:56  
Blogger simplychic said...

loves it!

27/7/10 21:13  
Blogger L said...

the t-shirt dress is the king of my closet right now. the best thing ever for summer and ultimate comfort - a t-shirt, but without pants (eg., constraints). the best.

once again, i had my comment all planned out about the dress...and then i saw the shoes. THE SHOES.

awesome as always. (and bras suck. seriously.)

28/7/10 10:25  
Blogger Chic Therapy said...

comfy look :-)

28/7/10 21:29  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I like that shirt dress! We're finally getting an h&m down here, though I always underwhelmed when I go there. But I hope there will be some gems!

1/8/10 10:48  
Blogger Chomy said...

I just love this look and i dig that u got sized up to turn the tunic into this 'dress' length. brava! about the bra bizness i have been known to go braless without cause, they just get in the way sometimes don't they?...and as for the people staring...ppl stare at things they don't understand so let em.

i am gonna go catch up on ur backposts. laterz!

1/8/10 12:45  
Blogger Daphne said...

I swear this is a PERFECTLY composed outfit. The shapeless shirtdress (one of my favorite things), the clogs that look so warm and good against your skin, and that bright green bag! A+.
I often have drunken brunch-lunch-dinner-night outs. It's one of my favorite things, especially since they're almost always a complete accident! Lovely.
What is YOUR "d"? I would love to know.
Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I promise my tumblr will be much more entertaining than the fashion thing ever was.

2/8/10 15:45  
Blogger Melody said...

You look so pretty. Outfit is just so perfect. I hope it all went well, the interviews.

3/8/10 17:42  
Blogger missDTM said...

i own something similar from h&m (no pocket and in silver) that i have a hard time styling. might need to rock it this weekend...

love your blog...LOVE that you're from nyc!!

11/8/10 09:13  

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