should've worn makeup


hurray! an outfit post.

dress: april,may
shoes: munoz vrandecic
bag: jas m.b.

got this april,may dress and debating keeping it. i like the shift style but am unsure where one would wear this style of dress. do love the bag though. have yet to wear these shoes out of the house. they're kind of loose in the heel. i don't care. i love them. i also love this bag. the leather is amazing. heavy, but soft. little on the small side for me, but i've found that without a job and the need to bring my lunch or an extra cardigan or a big textbook, it's sort of nice to just carry the bare minimum.

been on the prowl for summer inspiration. seems like everyone is already looking to fall (0_0). so since it isn't here just yet, i have decided to just try to milk the warmth for as long as it lasts. i'm sure winter will be no more merciful this year than last.

stumbled across these:
both from tumblr

and this is hilarious

so....how is life in the summertime? sweet and hot?

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Blogger Sol said...

love the bag! such a pretty color, and mixable with other colors as well.
i'm still undecided on Emma Watson's short hair. i like it in that picture, she kinda looks like Twiggy there, but i miss her longer hair.

6/8/10 20:11  
Blogger SAMI. said...

sometimes i forget to wear makeup too! it's ok!! :)

6/8/10 21:42  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

You don't need any makeup! Your hair looks really good too- really shiny.

I'm with you on the fall fashions coming too early. I don't want summer to end!

7/8/10 08:22  
Blogger Melody said...

The shoesss! Ah the shoes! So lovely I can't event describe.

I just love your style.

I personally can not wait for "Fall" (we say Autumn) and Winter. I don't like Summer at all. I'm so excited seeing the mixture of soft and fragile fabrics with hard heavy chunky ones. I really can not wait, especially for Winter. Knit & plaid galoreee!

I hope all is well dear.

8/8/10 18:50  
Blogger Chic Therapy said...

I love fall...its my best season!

8/8/10 21:38  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

See if you can get the straps on those adjusted. You need them.

Dress is cute. Is it work appropriate? School appropriate? Throw on a belt and it's date appropriate? You have to be able to wear it somewhere.

8/8/10 22:00  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

that dress is super cute! i think it looks really versatile. and the bag is very pretty as well. ~joelle

9/8/10 12:24  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I like the contrasting placket to the tunic. Now whenever I see ET (other than thinking he's my long lost relative), I think of this. I miss this show so much.

10/8/10 22:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the dress is very pretty! And you could wear it with leggins/jeans/tights in the winter!

13/8/10 11:57  

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