deciding factor

more collage fun!
i was told i resemble aunt jemima with this scarf on my head. *shrugs*

self portraits, lol.

shirt: coming soon
bra: calvin klein
jeans: levi's
shoes: miu miu
scarf: vintage...something or other
messy apartment: courtesy of me; i wish i had a good photo taking spot like koko. jealz.

trying to decide if i should keep this coming soon sweater. it's a man's shirt, but the thin weave and the slouchy fit just seemed so perfect. however, upon bringing home a rather, err...large bill, i have to make some cuts and this is one of the items that may have to go back. upon trying it with this, i think it def will, however. not so chic. i kind of like my maple syrup/old slave headscarf though. i don't think anyone else did today. alas, a shit i fail to give.

how are y'all coping with this heat? i'm melting. MELTINNNNGGG. <---does this actually mimic a 'ng' sound?

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Blogger Melody said...

You are so beautiful. Really.

And I vote that you keep the sweater. I want one for myself. Just try not to purchase anything too pricey for the next few weeks instead :)

11/8/10 04:06  
Blogger missDTM said...

ok, first of all--love this outfit! it's so perfect for cooler weather and can be dressed up or down!!

second--thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out! def stop by again...

11/8/10 09:03  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

I say try it on with more bottoms! I love the cut of it though, so if it wasn't too expensive I would keep it. Check out Topshop too, they might have something in a similar cut for less? (Just make sure it's not some cheap weird fabric)

11/8/10 09:59  
Blogger Pennerad said...

awwww, thanks! i love the shirt. so light, but i'm wondering if it's too light for fall/winter, and too heavy for summer. one of those inconvenient pieces, you know? still debating, lol.

i love the potential versatility of the top. these are my mom jeans, lol. they're so comfy. i grab them whenever i need to be utilitarian.
i love your blog. very chill over there. :)

topshop DOES have some similar items and i could likely find something similar in a men's section elsewhere, but it's the choice of giving it up to maybe lose the style altogether that's daunting. i'll probably show you guys the other item that i'm debating keeping: this amazing margiela belt...that i can't seem to work.
oh, and definitely will try more bottoms. it looks good with slimmer things i think...

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR INPUT GUYS! this is tremendously helpful. i'm awfully indecisive when it comes to my items. century 21 always has this effect on me.

11/8/10 12:37  
Blogger simplychic said...

lol @ aunt jemima and shurgs. i happen to like it!

11/8/10 23:50  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

Ha! Yeah right - emphasis on "wish" list. I will probably buy the watch and vacuum cleaner... the furry vest I hope to find a cheaper version... the gloves might be a d.i.y. attempt if I ever have time, and the RO boots I'm sure will never make it to sale season so I'll be stalking eBay for the next 2 years!

13/8/10 10:47  
Blogger Chic Therapy said...

i love the scarf

13/8/10 22:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keeper for sure!!! I just started doing the half tucked in shirt took and I love it! It looks cool and hides my rolls! lol!

18/8/10 23:55  

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